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Principal Gao Julin visited alumni in many places

From April 17th to April 20th, the principal Gao Julin visited our school’s alumni associations in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Beijing, and other places, held alumni symposiums, visited alumni companies, and conducted in-depth exchanges and communication with local alumni.


On the 17th, Gao Julin went to Shenzhen as a guest to participate in the 2019-2020 Annual Meeting hosted by the Guangdong Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce and the Spring Meeting of Mongolian and Guangdong Entrepreneurs. During the event, the alumni entrepreneurs introduced the development history and strategic planning of their respective companies to Gao Julin and expressed their strong desire for school-enterprise cooperation.


On the 18th, the 5th Anniversary Symposium of the Guangdong Liaison Branch of the Alumni Association of our school and the second leadership change meeting of the Guangdong Liaison Branch of the Alumni Association of our school was held in Shenzhen. Gao Julin attended the symposium and officially appointed members of the second leadership team of the Guangdong Provincial Liaison Branch on behalf of the school. The new president Ma Ruiguang awarded the four chapters of Shaoguan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, and Foshan with plaques. Gao Julin congratulated the members of the new leadership team and hoped that everyone will continue their efforts and work together to give full play to the communication link of the alumni association and promote frequent contacts and more cooperation between alumni and alumni companies and their alma mater.


On the 19th, Gao Julin went to our school’s Beijing Alumni Association Alumni Home for inspection and visits and conducted in-depth discussions and discussions with alumni on school-enterprise cooperation, talent training, employment and entrepreneurship, and the school’s talent support for the future development of alumni companies, industry-university-research cooperation, etc. communicate with.


On the 20th, Gao Julin came to Beijing Jiuzhou Dadi Biotechnology Group, a company of Ma Honggang alumni of the School of Animal Science of our school, to understand the current situation of the company’s development, and to inform the alumni of the development of the school, the work of the alumni association, the establishment and operation of the alumni foundation, and the 70th anniversary of the school. Preparatory work, etc.


During the visit, Gao Julin, on behalf of the school, fully affirmed the effectiveness of the work of the alumni associations in various places and expressed heartfelt gratitude to the alumni for their long-term care and support for the career development of the alma mater and the hard work of the alumni. The role of communication between alumni and enterprises is to closely integrate school resources with the advantages of enterprises and further deepen school-enterprise cooperation and integration of production and education. I hope that all alumni will make a good start in the new era, find a good story, have new developments, continue to support the development of their alma mater, inject new vitality into the alma mater, and sincerely invite alumni from all over the world to return to their alma mater next year to participate in the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the school.


The relevant person in charge of the Alumni Liaison Office accompanied the investigation and introduced to the alumni the recent development of the alumni association in recent years, the preparation plan for the 70th anniversary, and the development of the alumni foundation. During the exchange, the alumni recalled the scenes of studying and living in their alma mater, thanked the alma mater for training, and offered suggestions for the development and construction of the alma mater.





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