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Inner Mongolia Normal University Library, founded in 1952, is a comprehensive Normal University Library with the characteristics of ethnic minority areas.

The library of Inner Mongolia Normal University is briefly introduced as follows. Please refer to the first column and the third line from the bottom of the reference!




The library of Inner Mongolia Normal University is one of the largest and most abundant modern large-scale document information centers in Inner Mongolia Normal University and even the autonomous region. It is divided into North District Library (Saihan campus) and South District Library (Shengle campus). The North District Library covers an area of 16170 square meters, with nearly 1526 reading seats, 20 reading rooms shared by teachers and students, and 3 electronic audio-visual reading rooms. The South District Library covers an area of 28000 square meters, and the new library integrates the functions of the book collection, reading, exhibition, and office.




The library of Inner Mongolia Normal University, its branches, and reference rooms have collected more than 2.74 million volumes of paper documents, 260000 kinds of e-books, 42 databases in Chinese and foreign languages, and 12 self-built databases. A scientific book collection system with distinctive national and regional characteristics has been established, which focuses on Mongolian studies and life Sciences, and is guaranteed by books for teaching and scientific research. The service items include Mongolian, Chinese, and foreign books borrowing; Mongolian, Chinese, and foreign newspapers and periodicals reading; online retrieval, electronic reading, audio-visual services, professional training, characteristic literature services (Mongolian studies, life sciences, foreign literature in Colleges and universities, Sikuquanshu Series), etc.

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