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A signing ceremony was held

On the morning of April 16th, our school’s "Quality Student Source Base" signing and awarding ceremony was held in Hohhot Railway No. 1 Middle School. The party and government leadership team of Hohhot Railway No. 1 Middle School and the Admissions and Employment Office of our school participated in this contract award.


Yang Wenge, the principal of Hohhot Railway No. 1 Middle School, expressed a warm welcome to our school and his party, and introduced the school’s historical evolution, school-running characteristics, school-running philosophy, and development direction, and pointed out that every year in the past, students from Hohhot No.1 Middle School entered our school for further studies. , And now the signing of a cooperation agreement to jointly build a "quality student base" will build a new bridge between the two schools and drive the common development of the two schools. Cutie No. 1 Lieutenant will rely on the advantages of our school’s educational resources to organize more developments in the future. Levels of teaching development activities will further strengthen the management of education and teaching, further improve the level of education and teaching, and send more high-quality talents with both academic and academic excellence for national construction and social development.




The person in charge of the Admissions and Employment Office of our school introduced our school's development history, faculty, school results, professional settings, subject advantages, and basic conditions of employment guidance services. And introduced the new connotation and new thinking of our school’s enrollment and training work and employment work under the new background of the times, and exchanged and shared issues such as how to better interact after the establishment of the "high-quality student base" cooperative relationship.


Associate Professor Zheng Zhu, a career planning mentor of our school, introduced the meaning and implementation steps of career planning from a personal and social level with the topic of "High school students' career choices and college students' personality characteristics and career factors", and how to mobilize early High school students to do a good job of self-positioning, clarify the main tasks of life in the middle school stage, and cultivate their professional development ability.


Hohhot Railway No. 1 Middle School was born in 1958 along with the construction of Hohhot Railway Bureau. It is called Hohhot Railway Workers' Children Middle School. In 1965, it was renamed Hohhot Railway Workers' Children No. 1 Middle School. After the establishment of the school, the school has always been adhering to the locomotive spirit, leading the rapid development of the general education cause of the Hutie Bureau. In 1978, the Department of Education of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region established Hutie No. 1 Middle School as one of the 19 key schools in the region. In 1979, it was established as the first batch of key middle schools on the road by the Ministry of Railways. The school has 170 faculty members, including 77 senior teachers and 29 first-level teachers. There are 2,100 students in the school, and there are a total of 39 teaching classes. In 2020, Hohhot Railway No. 1 Middle School will have a total of 482 students taking the college entrance examination, of which 204 students are online, 194 students are online, and 70 are undergraduates in arts and sports. The undergraduate online rate is 97%.










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