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Summer camp for Chinese and foreign college students

1. The purpose of the project is as follows:

Provide international students with the opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture and experience Chinese culture by living with Chinese students.

Provide opportunities for Chinese students to learn more about foreign cultures and experience listening, speaking, and understanding foreign languages immersively.

Introduce cross-cultural trends to Chinese and international students, help them acquire cross-cultural understanding skills, form deep friendships, and enhance mutual respect, understanding, and harmonious relations between countries.

Project teaching and personal communication, including accommodation and food, are all together. Organize students to visit the city's cultural environment and surrounding towns to cultivate close ties between students from both sides. Help participants experience each other’s knowledge and form friendly cooperation between the two countries.

Within three to four weeks, a delegation of at least fifteen international students and two teachers will come to Inner Mongolia Normal University. Inner Mongolia Normal University will organize an equal number of students and an instructor and field assistant to participate in the project.


2. Project information:

Opportunities to practice foreign language conversations. Through correct pronunciation, class discussion, and individual communication, international students will take the initiative to help Chinese students improve their foreign language fluency.

Through preparation, teaching, participation of foreign teams in campus life, and lectures on cross-cultural trends, foreign culture, and life every morning from Monday to Friday, the skills of Chinese and international students will be improved and help them learn the importance and value of international understanding.

Organize gatherings, movies or discussions, and extracurricular social activities.

Free activities are arranged in the afternoon (except visits to cultural attractions), dormitory exchange activities are arranged in the evening (except social activities and gatherings organized by international students and teams), and activities are generally not arranged on weekends (except for family visits and excursions).

Inner Mongolia Normal University will be responsible for the following aspects:

Provide comfortable, clean accommodation close to the classroom. An international student and a Chinese student live in the same room.

Provide three meals a day for international students and Chinese students.

Organize class presentations in the morning from Monday to Friday, and organize foreign cultural lectures at the same time. Topics include historical sources, ethnic sources, values and worldviews, socio-political organizations, famous people and historical events, daily life in China, and Chinese culture. International students will participate in the lecture together, and some teachers of Inner Mongolia Normal University will also participate.

Chinese students provide 30-minute "survival Chinese" lectures to international students every day before class.

Organize one or two cultural activities for all students every week, including visits to museums, temples, historical sites, schools, concerts, hospitals, sports activities, etc.

Organize cultural activities for all students and staff on two weekends, including visits to museums, temples, historical sites, etc. Inner Mongolia Normal University will provide transportation for activities that require overnight stays.

Organize international students to visit the families of Chinese students in the same dormitory during the first weekend. Students who are close to the school can also invite other international students. Every international student visits at least one Chinese family.

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