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Chinese government scholarship

1. Enrollment items and categories

(1). Enrollment project: Independent Enrollment project of Chinese universities (class B).

(2). Enrollment category: full-time master and doctoral students.


2. Application conditions

(1). The applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen, physically and mentally healthy, and abide by Chinese laws and regulations as well as school rules and regulations.

(2). Educational background and age requirements of the applicant: those who come to China to study for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree and be no more than 35 years old; Those who come to China to study for a doctorate must have a master's degree and be no more than 40 years old.


3. Scholarship duration

(1). Postgraduates: the length of professional study is 2-3 academic years, and they can apply for one academic year of Chinese tutoring.

(2). Doctoral students: 3-4 academic years of professional study, can apply for Chinese tutorial for 1 academic year.


4. Scholarship content and criteria

(1). Free tuition and registration fee.

(2). Free student apartment: double room for master and single room for the doctor.

(3). Scholarship living expenses: RMB 3000 / month for master's students and RMB 3500 / month for doctoral students.

(4). Provide comprehensive medical insurance for Chinese government scholarship students.


5. Application time and major

(1). Application time: from March 1, 2021, to April 15, 2021.

(2). Applied major:

Major catalog of postgraduate enrollment of Inner Mongolia University (please see the attachment)

Inner Mongolia University doctoral enrollment professional directory (please see the attachment)


6. Application materials

(1). Chinese government scholarship application form. Applicants must fill in and submit the electronic registration information through the "online registration system for studying in China" of the national scholarship administration of the people's Republic of China. After submitting the information, the application form for the Chinese government scholarship automatically generated by the system will be printed.

(2). Notarized certificate of the highest degree (with the official seal of the school educational administration department). A notarized Chinese or English translation shall be attached to any text other than Chinese or English. Fresh graduates may not provide graduation certificate and degree certificate for the time being, but they need to submit the certificate of study and performance certificate issued by their school, with notarized Chinese or English translation( When enrolling students to come to the University for registration, please bring the original graduation certificate, degree certificate and academic report card. The university will further review and verify the relevant materials. If fraud is found, the admission qualification will be canceled.)

(3). Learning report card (with the official seal of the school educational administration department). A notarized Chinese or English translation shall be attached to any text other than Chinese or English.

(4). Study or research plan in China (written in Chinese or English, no less than 800 words).

(5). Letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors (written in Chinese or English, name, title, work unit, and contact number of the recommender shall be marked at the bottom left of the letter, and signature of the recommender shall be required at the bottom right).

(6). Physical examination record of foreigners and blood examination report (please refer to Download). Applicants should be examined in strict accordance with the requirements of the "physical examination records of foreigners" (please go to the national or provincial public hospitals for physical examination). The "foreigners' physical examination record" is invalid if there is no item, no photo or seal on the photo, no signature and seal of doctor or hospital. The validity period of the examination result is 6 months (please bring the "foreigners' physical examination record" and the original blood examination report when you come to China).

(7). A copy of the photo page of the valid passport (the expiry date of the passport shall not be earlier than September 2022).

(8). Certificate of no criminal record (Chinese or English version is required).

(9). Certificate photo (uploaded and submitted by the Chinese government scholarship management system).

(10). Language proficiency certificate (HSK, his report, or other relevant certificates).

(11). Publish articles or works (professional papers and monographs published by the applicant).

(12). Other supporting materials (relevant certificates, certificates, training, and talents, etc.).

(13). Students applying for music majors should submit the CD of their works; Students applying for the major of fine arts should provide CDs of their works (2 plain drawings, 2 color paintings, and 2 other works).

(14). Applicants under the age of 18 are required to submit relevant legal documents of their legal guardians in China.

(15). The major selection should refer to the "Inner Mongolia University doctoral professional directory" and "Inner Mongolia University postgraduate professional directory".

Note: the above application materials must be uploaded and submitted in the Chinese government scholarship management system within the specified time, and there is no need to mail the paper materials.


7. Application procedure

Step 1: log in to the "Chinese government scholarship study abroad management system"( )Register online (it is recommended to use Firefox or IE 11 browser. If you use IE browser, please cancel the "compatibility view mode" of the browser and use it).

The second step: with the registered user name and password login system registration. After logging in to the system, click the fill-in application menu in the upper left corner, the application item type: type B (independent enrollment project of Chinese government scholarship universities), the number of accepting institution: 10126 (Inner Mongolia University), and click the Save button at the bottom right.

Step 3: according to the list on the left side of the registration system page, input all application information one by one and upload supplementary materials. Please refer to the professional catalog of master's and doctor's graduate enrollment of Inner Mongolia University. Please ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the information and materials. If you have any questions about the "subject category", you can download the "professional comparison table" from the "help" menu of the system. After filling in all the information correctly, click the submit button at the bottom right to complete the online application.

Step 4: before the application is accepted, the applicant can modify the submitted application by clicking "withdraw and modify the application". After the application is withdrawn, the applicant must submit it again after editing, otherwise, the application will not be accepted. After the application is accepted, the applicant will not be able to withdraw the application.


8. Admission and enrollment

(1). The Chinese government scholarship program is a free application program. Our school does not charge any fees, nor does it entrust any domestic and foreign institutions or individuals to recruit students on their behalf. Applicants must fill in and submit the application materials in person.

(2). Our school will organize experts to review the applicants' application materials or conduct online interviews, select the candidates to be admitted, and report them to the Education Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the national study abroad fund committee for review. Those who meet the requirements will be selected.

(3). If the applicant's conditions or application materials do not meet the provisions and requirements, the application shall be deemed invalid and shall not be accepted. All application materials will not be returned regardless of admission.

(4). If the application materials are false, the scholarship qualification will be canceled once verified.

(5). After admission, Inner Mongolia University will send an admission notice and visa application form for foreign students to China (JW201) to scholarship winners in mid-July 2021, and the specific registration time shall be subject to the admission notice.

(6). The admitted scholarship students should apply for the study visa in China at the embassy (consulate) abroad by holding a valid ordinary passport, application form for the visa for foreign students studying in China (JW201), a notice of admission, physical examination record of foreigners and the original academic certificate and academic transcript.

(7). The admitted students must go through the registration procedures in Inner Mongolia University in strict accordance with the time specified in the admission notice. Those who fail to go through the registration procedures more than two weeks after the specified admission time will be disqualified. Please bring the original documents and paper application materials when you apply for registration, and the school will conduct a second review.


9. Contact information

Address: International Student Affairs Office, block a School of international education, Inner Mongolia University, 235 Daxue West Road, Saihan District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China

Postal Code: 010021

Contact person: International Student Affairs Office

Tel: 0086-471-4995619 (Office) 15510690503 (mobile phone)

0086-471-4992084 (Office) 18147136585 (mobile phone)

Fax: 0086-471-4992596


Website of the national study abroad fund management committee:

Website of School of international education, Inner Mongolia University:

Website of Chinese government scholarship application:

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