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Discuss important letters

Recently, a Pakistani student from the University of Science and Technology Beijing wrote to President Xi Jinping about his experience and feelings of studying in China, expressed his gratitude to the school for its care and help after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and expressed his commitment to the “Belt and Road” construction after returning to China. , Desire to contribute to the promotion of Sino-Pakistani friendship. On May 17, at an important moment in the global fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, General Secretary Xi Jinping replied to all Pakistani students at the University of Science and Technology Beijing in the name of the President of the People’s Republic of China. In his letter, President Xi Jinping welcomed outstanding young people from all over the world to study in China and encouraged international students to communicate with Chinese youths and join hands with young people from all over the world to contribute to the promotion of people-to-people bonds and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.


President Xi Jinping's reply is not only cordial care and condolences to all Pakistani students from Beijing University of Science and Technology but also a great encouragement and encouragement to all international students studying in China. The reply has aroused an enthusiastic response among the international students of our school. Whether in the school or their own country, the international students of our school actively learn the spirit of President Xi’s reply and express their respective opinions on the spirit of learning the reply and China’s fight against the epidemic through various methods and platforms. Feelings and experiences.


On the afternoon of June 9, 2020, the School of International Education held an important symposium on the spirit of replying to Pakistani students from President Xi Jinping for international students from Inner Mongolia University. Seven representatives of our school’s international students, members of the leadership team of the School of International Education, and international student counselors attended the seminar. forum. Ren Ligang, deputy dean of the School of International Education, presided over the symposium. Inner Mongolia University Vice President Erwei Bayar attended the symposium, listening to the voices of the representatives of international students and giving a passionate speech.




At the symposium, students made positive speeches based on what they saw, heard, and felt during the COVID-19 pandemic. They all expressed that we can see the truth in adversity. Currently, China actively supports and invests in the global fight against the pandemic, fully demonstrating boundless love. The great feelings of the People’s Republic of China demonstrate the responsibility of a responsible great power.


Pakistani student Wu Di said at the symposium, “Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese government and people across the country have been united and united in fighting the epidemic. This is unprecedented in the world. As an international student in China, I have personally experienced this. I am very honored! During this difficult period, the teachers of the International Education Institute have given us a lot of help, and the Chinese government is also very concerned about us. The teachers pay attention to our health every day and distribute us masks, disinfectants, and other anti-epidemic supplies. We purchase food and other necessities. During my time in school, I felt a deep warmth. I thank all of them. This time I received the reply letter from President Xi Jinping to the Pakistani students of Beijing University of Science and Technology. I was even more touched. A Pakistani student studying in China, I am very honored to come to China to study. I hope that I can study diligently, make continuous progress, become a useful person and an envoy of Sino-Pakistani friendship, and contribute my own strength to the enhancement of Sino-Pakistani friendship."




Baita, an international student from the Republic of Kalmykia, Russia, said, “The coronavirus outbreak has put everyone in a difficult situation, but our study and life have not been greatly affected. Inner Mongolia University has always cared about us and not only provided us with In addition to convenient services, but we also provided online courses for learning Chinese. My mother was worried about my situation before, but thanks to the school and teachers, she believes that it is safest for me to stay in China now, and China has become mine. Second hometown. On behalf of my family, I would like to express my gratitude to the school and the International Education Institute for all the support and help provided to us. We love China! We want to continue to learn more about China!"


Rwandan international student Zhou Silin said, “I was very touched to see President Xi Jinping’s reply, because what Xi Jinping said really reassured me. After I came to China, I made a few friends. When the epidemic broke out, our international students continued to encourage Chinese friends to fight the epidemic. Come on, Wuhan, come on, China. We have learned a lot of knowledge in China, including Chinese culture and the Chinese language. After we graduate, we have a big task to return to China, that is, to be a cultural bond between China and Africa and to continue Chinese and African culture. Pass it on to friends who have never experienced it. Finally, I want to thank China, teachers, and Chinese friends again, so that we can have a safe and warm home in China."


In his speech at the symposium, Vice President Rover Bayar pointed out that President Xi Jinping’s reply fully reflects President Xi’s cordial care for all students studying in China, and embodies President Xi’s concern for the youth of the people and insists on the supremacy of life. The concept of humanism and the responsibility of building a community with a shared future for mankind. General Secretary Xi Jinping visited our school in person on July 16 last year and made important instructions for the construction and development of the school. This fully demonstrated the cordial care of General Secretary Xi and the Party Central Committee for higher education in the border ethnic regions and implemented the party’s educational policy and nationality. The policy is rooted in the land of China and the northern borders of the motherland, and the construction of a first-class university with distinctive characteristics provides a guide for action.


Vice-principal Rover Bayar praised our school’s international students for their high sense of responsibility and mission during the epidemic, cooperating with the school’s prevention and control work, and working through the most difficult epidemic prevention and control tasks with the entire school’s teachers and students. At that moment, we got the initial victory of epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, the vice-principal Rover Bayar responded quickly to the prevention and control of the International Education Institute during the epidemic, and the anti-epidemic measures were appropriate and made decisions on the living arrangements, psychological counseling, online teaching, and emergency handling of international students at the school. I fully affirmed the strict deployment and meticulous arrangements of the school and expressed my gratitude to all colleagues of the International Education Institute on behalf of the school.


Vice President Rover Bayar hopes that international students should deeply understand and grasp the ideological connotation and spiritual essence of President Xi Jinping’s reply, and turn the spirit of reply into motivation for learning, study hard, think hard, and strive to absorb Chinese cultural knowledge as much as possible Learn more about Chinese society and Chinese culture, and contribute to the promotion of exchanges and cooperation between China and the countries where international students are located. He encouraged everyone to use their own actions to practice the truth-seeking and pragmatic school motto of Inner Mongolia University, love Nei University, integrate into Nei University, inherit and carry forward the spirit of Inner Mongolia University, be an excellent inner university, and strive to grow into high-quality talents. The construction and development of Inner Mongolia University will make its due contributions to the construction of its own country and the development of human society, and to make greater efforts and contributions to the friendly exchanges between the world in the future.


As the first batch of demonstration base universities for studying in China approved by the Ministry of Education, since the 1980s, our school has successively accepted and trained nearly 3,600 international students from 60 countries and regions on five continents around the world. A relatively complete education and training system for foreign students in China, including language students, advanced students, undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students, and a relatively complete management service system for foreign students in China have been formed. Groups of international students in Inner Mongolia University have a deep understanding of China's national conditions, China's political system, and China's social values and ethics, and have become international talents who know China, friendship with China, and love China. Outstanding young people from different regions and with different cultural backgrounds gather in Inner Mongolia and perceive China through the study abroad program in China, and jointly write a vivid chapter of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries in the fusion of acquaintances and exchanges.

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