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Inner Mongolia University safety education day activities

April 15 is the sixth "National Security Education Day for the whole people." To promote the publicity and education of the overall national security concept, the school closely focuses on the theme of "practice the overall national security concept, coordinate development, and security, coordinate traditional and non-traditional security, and create a good atmosphere for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party." Keeping the security and stability barrier in northern Xinjiang of the motherland as the mainline, organized and carried out the school-wide safety inspection, national security knowledge special training, national security knowledge answering contest, national security knowledge theme class meeting, watching national security special documentaries, hanging publicity banners, and posting "Yes 26 series of publicity and education activities such as "Cults Say No" posters, "Youth Volunteer, Contributing to a New Era" network security publicity, volunteer service and education, and team participation in the "First National University Students National Security Literacy Showcase".


By organizing and carrying out a series of national security publicity and education activities for the whole people, national security knowledge has been popularized, the national security awareness of teachers, students and staff has been enhanced, and an atmosphere of consciously maintaining the sense of national security ownership has been formed.




Distribution of anti-fraud brochures



Organize national security and anti-fraud special training



Hanging promotional banners



Organize "Youth Volunteer Walk, Contribute to a New Era" Network Security Publicity Volunteer Service Activity



Organize online learning national security education, class



Organize online answering activities



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