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Improve teaching ability

Lecture topic: Continuous improvement of teaching ability based on OBE concept

Lecture time: 15:00, April 16, 2021

Lecture Venue: Tencent Conference Conference Number: 843 410 911

Speaker and introduction:

Peng Xiwei, a famous teaching teacher in Beijing, a pioneer in Beijing's teacher ethics, director of the Beijing Automation Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, deputy director of the Education Working Committee of the Chinese Society of Automation, and an expert in the China Higher Education Training Center. Presided over 1 national first-class undergraduate course, edited 3 textbooks (1 Beijing fine textbook). Won the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award, 5 items including the Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award of Beijing and the Chinese Society of Automation; presided over 7 educational reform projects above the provincial and ministerial level; published 45 educational reform papers. He has completed more than 20 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and national defense scientific research, obtained 8 authorized invention patents, and published 65 academic papers. He has repeatedly won the titles of Excellent Communist Party Member, Model of Teacher Ethics, Pioneer of Teacher Ethics, and so on.


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