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The apartment culture festival is over

On the evening of December 24th, our school’s 17th Apartment Culture Festival "Speaking of the Heart" Micro-Classroom Contest Finals and Commendation Conference was held in the Jianyi Student Activity Center. More than 600 persons in charge of the student affairs department (office) and colleges (departments, departments) and representatives of teachers and students participated.




After the recommendation of each college, the review of the student work department (office), and the selection of the preliminary contest, a total of 6 representative teams in the school entered the finals. Each team used PPT, video, and other methods to show their style and feelings in learning competitions, social practice, cultural and sports activities, daily work, etc., showing their colorful and passionate dormitory life in an all-around and multi-angle manner.




In the end, in the finals of the "Su Shuo Xin Yu" micro-class competition, the School of Materials Science and Engineering won the first prize; the School of Design and Art and the School of Ceramic Art won the second prize; the School of Arts, Culture and Arts, the School of Management and Economics, and the School of Information Engineering won the second prize Third Prize; Graduate School, School of Mechatronic Engineering, School of Foreign Languages, Department of Physical Education and Military Teaching, and Department of Law won the Excellence Award; Huang Riping of the School of Design and Art and Zhong Wei of the School of Materials Science and Engineering received the honorary title of "Excellent Instructor"; ceramics The Academy of Fine Arts won the Outstanding Organization Award.




The theme of this apartment culture festival is "talking and laughing, showing wisdom, the scent of shabby rooms, and brightening youth". There are "civilized campus safety first" dormitory safety and civilized knowledge contest, "going hand in hand" quality development, and "bedding to pass the pen tip" "Being warm" and other activities.

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