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Hold a forum for Counselors

On December 26, Hu Linrong, deputy secretary of the party committee, attended the counselor forum of our school and talked with everyone about the high-quality development of counselors.




Hu Linrong shared his growth and work insights with counselors. He pointed out that counselors shoulder the sacred mission of "educate people for the party and cultivate talents for the country". They have heavy burdens and great responsibilities, and they must be able to endure hardships, be willing to practice, and have a structure. Counselors should go deep into the student group, listen more to their voices, understand their demands more, establish an equal trust relationship with students, communicate sincerely, and treat each other frankly; counselors should conform to the social development situation, focus on improving their own political ability, investigation and research Ability, scientific decision-making ability, reform tackling ability, emergency response-ability, mass workability, grasp implementation ability, courage to face problems, solve problems, and strive to become an excellent ideological and political work team with "thinking, capable, and successful".


Counselors at the meeting conducted exchanges and discussions on promoting the high-quality development of counselors. This forum was organized by Tao Jun Baiqi Counselor Studio.




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