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Notes for freshmen to live in student apartments

Freshmen are welcome to stay in the student apartment. To strengthen the management of student dormitories, reduce the troubles and inconveniences of students' life and study, and provide everyone with a comfortable, convenient, and safe living environment, please carefully read the following check-in precautions:


1. Electricity

To make it easier for students to stay in the apartment, the school has pre-charged some electricity in the freshmen's room. If the electricity is insufficient, the financial center should charge it.


2. Apartment opening and closing time

The opening time of the dormitory building after the welcome is 6:00 in the morning, and the closing time: 11:00 p.m. (Friday and Saturday closing time: 11:30 p.m.).


3. Report for repairs

After checking in, you find that the indoor items are damaged, please report to the repair point in time. During the orientation period, the temporary repair point is located at the entrance of Building 13. If you need to apply for repair after the orientation, please register in the duty room of each building.


4. Safe use of electricity

Please use electricity safely, do not use electric heaters, fast heating, rice cookers, and other illegal electrical appliances in the apartment, and it is strictly forbidden to connect wires and network cables privately. Please turn off the electrical appliances in the apartment when not in use to avoid unnecessary consumption. Please make sure that the dormitory is powered off when you go out.


5. Security and anti-theft

Please pay attention to strengthening security and anti-theft. When the last person leaves the dormitory, close the windows and lock the door, and keep the keys to prevent theft; the valuables you carry with you should be properly kept.


6. Beware of being deceived

If someone uses the name of a school or department to sell goods or charge fees, please don't be credulous, so as not to be deceived. For example, under the guise of teachers and student cadres, collecting military training fees, club registration fees, selling school supplies, food, subscribing to newspapers and periodicals, selling Internet cards, phone cards, etc., in case of the above incidents, please call the security office: 8464110, or report to the temporary security point in the dormitory area.


7. Hygiene

Keep the indoors and public places in the building clean and tidy, and clear out the garbage at the designated place, and do not pile up debris in the corridor.



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