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The new campus official website launched today

On December 31, 2020, the new campus official website of Jingdezhen Ceramic University was launched to meet the readers with a brand new look.

The new official website of Jingdezhen Ceramics University uses shadow cyan as the keynote and adopts a full-screen format. The homepage is composed of sections such as "Large Columns", "Green Out of Blue", "Jun Caixing Chi", "Spring Weather and Rain", "Campus Picks", and "Special Collections". There are seven columns in the main column, such as “Academic Inquiry”, “Singing Voice of Strings”, Teacher’s Wind Emblem, Young Phoenix Chongxiao, Ge Wu Zhi Zhi, Global Link, General Knowledge Encyclopedia, etc., which are hidden by default. Click the “Main Column” button on the upper left of the page when reading. To pop up the navigation bar. Five user channels have been added to the homepage, including students, teachers, fast-track, enrollment, and recruitment, which are convenient for users to browse and obtain information. The fast-track is the sub-websites (web pages) of the schools and departments.

The domain name of the new website remains unchanged ( www.jci.edu.cn ). After going online, users can browse the old version of the homepage (www1.jci.edu.cn) through the "old version" entry in the upper right corner of the new homepage, and the content of the old version of the website will no longer be updated.

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