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The College of Science and Art of Jingdezhen Ceramic University is located in Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, a famous historical and cultural city in China, an excellent tourist city in China, and a world-famous millennium porcelain capital. The college is sponsored by Jingdezhen Ceramic University and approved by the Jiangxi Provincial Development Planning Commission and the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education An undergraduate independent college was established and confirmed by the Ministry of Education.

The college was established in August 2001 and began enrolling students in 2002. Through more than 10 years of construction and development, with the strong support of the Provincial Department of Education and the headquarters of Jingdezhen Ceramic University, the scale of our school is expanding, the level of running a school is increasing, the characteristics of running a school and the good reputation of running a school are increasingly manifested. There are currently more than 5600 students in school.

The college enrolls students from all over the country. It has 6 teaching management departments: Fine Arts, Engineering, Foreign Languages, Law and Business, Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Research Department, and Physical Education Department. The college's professional settings cover art, engineering, literature, and management. 27 full-time undergraduate majors in 7 disciplines, including law, law, economics, and education, including 7 majors in art (ceramic art design, product design, environmental design, visual communication design, animation, painting and sculpture majors) , 9 majors of engineering (vehicle engineering, inorganic non-metallic material engineering, computer science and technology, automation, energy and power engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, environmental engineering, material molding and control engineering, and electronic science and technology), 2 majors in literature (English and Japanese majors), 5 majors in management (e-commerce, financial management, logistics management, public utility management and marketing majors), 2 majors in economics (majors in international economics and trade and finance) , 1 major each in law and education (law and physical education major).

The college has a team of full-time and part-time teachers with rich teaching experience, with 381 full-time and part-time teachers. The faculty is mainly composed of backbone teachers of Jingdezhen Ceramic University, and well-known experts and senior managers at home and abroad are also invited as guest professors, which realizes the sharing of teachers and ensures the quality of teaching.

The college’s teaching and administrative space are 103,000 square meters; the library has 490,000 paper books and 3.08 million e-books; it has a fully functional modern speech classroom, multimedia classroom, computer center, and laboratory; it has a capacity of 6,000 Multi-person student dormitories, restaurants and other living facilities; built multi-functional sports training hall, aerobics body room, table tennis hall, gate ball hall, gymnastics room, indoor swimming pool and all-plastic standard sports field, basketball court, volleyball court, sports facilities such as tennis courts and badminton courts.

The school-running philosophy of the college closely follows market demand, and based on the goal of cultivating applied technical talents, it has successively established campuses in 31 well-known domestic companies such as Shanghai Smick Building Ceramics Co., Ltd., Jinyitao Ceramics Co., Ltd., and Foshan Outao Inorganic Materials Co. Foreign internship and employment base. The graduates have strong hands-on ability and high overall quality and are deeply loved by employers. Over the years, the initial employment rate of graduates and the number of self-employed entrepreneurs have ranked among the top universities in the province.

In the past two years, our students have won more than 100 awards in activities at the provincial level and above, such as the National College Student Electronic Computer Contest, the National Mathematical Modeling Contest, the National College English Contest, and the China Packaging Creative Design Contest. In addition, the college actively explores ideas for running a school, looking for new highlights, and has established good inter-school partnerships with famous universities in South Korea, Japan and other countries. Every year, it selects outstanding talents for exchange training and recommends master's degrees.

Standing at a new historical starting point, the School of Science and Art of Jingdezhen Ceramic University will continue to emancipate the mind, change concepts, seize opportunities, and develop scientifically, and strive to build the college into an independent college with distinctive characteristics and applied technology.


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