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International Cherry Blossom week


Yangchun in March, spring and Jingming. The 2021 Wuxi International Cherry Blossom Week and the 34th anniversary of the construction of the Sino-Japanese Cherry Blossom Friendship Forest opened grandly on March 25. Diplomats stationed in China from Japan, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Ethiopia, and other countries, leaders, and guests from all walks of life, and international friends in Tin attended the event. More than 50 international students from our school participated in the opening ceremony and went to Yuantouzhu to meet 10,000 cherry blossoms.


International students of our school have been invited to participate in this international brand cultural event for many years, and have sent their best wishes in the form of singing and dancing performances. During the activity, the students further learned about the history and development of friendly diplomatic relations between China and foreign countries, and deeply felt the spiritual core of Wuxi's "full of warmth and water", which effectively enhanced the life integration and cultural experience of studying in China.


Opening Ceremony of Cherry Blossom Week


Cultural experience


Group photo


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