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Experience Chinese New Year


The mouse goes to oregano, the new and the old change. During the 2021 Spring Festival, nearly a hundred Jiangnan University international students and teachers spent an unforgettable and meaningful Chinese New Year together.


Due to the epidemic, many international students cannot return to their home country to reunite with their families during this holiday, nor can they travel across provinces and cities at will. To this end, the International Education Institute and the International Student Federation have successively issued a letter to all students, sending greetings and blessings for the Chinese New Year, and reminding everyone to pay close attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic.


In view of the characteristics of international students, the School of International Education actively plans and launches eight types of celebrations for 2021 China, including New Year greetings from cadres in charge, New Year's party for foreign students, classic blockbuster LeTV Week, New Year's blessing calligraphy class, Chinese and foreign students' symposium, and Perception of China Celebration. Holiday parks, "House God" online physical arena for men and women, "Cloud" awards for outstanding teachers and students studying in Jiangnan 2020, etc.


On the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention and control and the order of study and life, the international students felt a strong Chinese New Year flavor. They all said that the Spring Festival was very fulfilling and the school's meticulous arrangements made them feel the warmth of home.


Party activities


Gala event scene


Calligraphy class


Group photo of New Year visit


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