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Comprehensive Scholarship


Application time:

In 2021, the Jiangnan University Comprehensive Scholarship Program for Studying in China has suspended enrollment.

Please stay tuned for enrollment information in 2022


Application method:



Application conditions:

1. Friendly to China and healthy.


2. For applicants whose parents are both Chinese citizens and settled in a foreign country and have foreign nationality at birth, applicants who do not have Chinese nationality must hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for more than 4 years (inclusive). And there is a record of actual residence in a foreign country for more than 2 years within the last 4 years (before April 30 of the enrollment year) (actually lived abroad for 9 months in a year can be calculated as one year, with entry and exit stamps) Prevail).


3. Applicants studying undergraduate majors should have graduated from high school and be over 18 years old and under 25 years old;

Applicants who are studying for a master's degree should graduate from a bachelor's degree and should be under the age of 35; applicants are studying for a PhD

The major of the stage should be graduated with a master's degree, under the age of 40.


4. Applicants applying for teaching in Chinese must have a certificate of HSK-4 with a score of 180 and above, and applicants for Chinese history majors must have a certificate of HSK-5 with a score of 180 and above.

Apply for English-taught courses, have a high level of foreign language proficiency, and provide TOEFL, IELTS, CEFR B2 (European standard), and other score certificates within the validity period.


5. Applicants must behave well, have no absenteeism in school, etc., violate school discipline and school rules, and have no violation of laws and regulations outside the school

the behavior of.


6. Applicants have excellent grades and are among the best in their grades or class.


7. At the same time, they have not received the full amount of Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Jiangsu Government Scholarship for Studying in Jiangsu, etc.

Scholarships for financial aid.


Scholarship content:

Exemption of tuition and accommodation fees.


Application materials:

1. Color scan of passport (photo page)

2. Color scanned original copy of the highest degree certificate (or notarized copy in Chinese or English)

3. Color scanned original copy of the highest academic transcript (or notarized copy in Chinese or English)

4. Color scanned copies of original Chinese/English proficiency test scores

5. Research plan (for graduate students only, no less than 1500 words)

6. Two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors (for graduate students only)

7. Certificate of financial guarantee

8. Proof of Deposit

9. No criminal record

10. Physical examination report (within 6 months)

11. Publish an article

12. Professional works

13. Other supporting materials (winning, participating in conferences, etc.)

Remarks: No paper materials are required to complete the application online.


Application process:

Log in to the online application system for foreign students of Jiangnan University


Select the "Comprehensive Scholarship for Study in China" project in the "Application for Application" module and complete the online application.

And pay an application fee of RMB 400 (non-refundable).


Jiangnan University account 1 (for overseas applicants)

Full name of payee: Jiangnan University

Beneficiary's account opening bank: Business Department, Bank of China Wuxi Branch

Beneficiary account number: 474158228044

Note: The registration fee for this project is RMB 400 (for overseas remittances, it is paid at USD 60).


Jiangnan University Bank Account 1 (for applicants not in China)

Payee: Jiangnan University

Name of Receiving Bank: Bank of China, Wuxi Branch,

No.258 Zhongshan Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, PR China, 214002

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ95C

Bank Account: 474158228044

Note: The application fee is 400RMB (applicants NOT in China please pay 60 US dollars).


Jiangnan University Account 2 (Applicants in China)

Account name: Jiangnan University

Account Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Wuxi Jiangnan University Branch

Bank account number: 1103030709100000136

Note: The registration fee for this project is RMB 400.


Jiangnan University Bank Account 2 (for applicants in China)

Payee: Jiangnan University

Name of Receiving Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,

Jiangnan University Branch, No.1800 Lihu Avenue, Wuxi, Jiangsu,

PR China, 214122

Bank Account: 1103030709100000136

Note: The application fee is 400RMB.


Application result

The online application system for foreign students of Jiangnan University is available at


Check admission status.


Matters needing attention

1. The scholarship recipients must go through the registration and registration procedures in accordance with the time set by the school. Without approval

Those who fail to register within the time limit will be treated as automatically abandoning their student status, and the scholarship qualifications obtained will be automatically canceled.

2. Scholarship recipients must participate in the annual scholarship review as required. Those who fail the assessment will be suspended or

Disqualification of scholarship.

3. In principle, it is not allowed to change the study major and study period.


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