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Multifunctional Student Apartment HUI Station


In your life, have you ever had to spend money to iron your clothes in a shop because your clothes are wrinkled, have you worry about having nowhere to go because you want to cook your own food, have you ever been because your friends are looking for a place to meet? Consultation, in Jiangnan University, all these problems are nothing!


The HUI station in the Jiangnan University student apartment has been officially opened. Whether it is burning, boiling, sewing, or ironing, as long as you need it, the functions here are all available, and the small things, big things, small problems and big problems in life can be solved! In addition, all the tools of the station can be used for free! !!




HUI Butler is a property brand proposed by the school logistics in 2016. It combines all property-related products, management, services, technology, and personnel, and implements the daily comprehensive maintenance and management of buildings and dormitory areas. The goal of bringing together various forces and cultivating diverse talents.




In fact, in addition to the newly opened post station, each dormitory apartment of Jiangnan University has a separate park management station downstairs, which can provide free cleaning of bedding, sewing kits, small hardware tools, bicycle pumps, hairdryers, and other tools. The Jiangnan University Property Center has opened up a public space outside the service areas of each park, and set up a student community "HUI Station" to provide a centralized supply of electric appliances such as hair dryers, induction cookers, electric cookers, hanging irons, shoe dryers, sewing machines, etc. The equipment is used by students in need, aiming to provide more convenient services for the students of Jiangnan University in life.


This measure not only facilitates students’ life needs but also solves the problem of repeated prohibitions on illegal electrical appliances in student dormitories. It allows students to understand the importance of safety management, remove blockages, and make everyone aware of the hazards of illegal electrical dormitories and make full use of student apartments. The function of the post.


Next, Xiao Yunjun will introduce you to the powerful functions of HUI Station in detail!


1. Complete cooking tools: induction cooker, rice cooker, health pot, wok, stew pot. Frying, cooking, steaming, you are the only one of you who can get into the kitchen and get into class!




2. Convenient electrical equipment: hairdryer, sewing machine, sewing kit, and garment ironing machine.




3. Elegant and chic environment, like a small villa.




To let every classmate understand the function of the station, Mr. Yuan has done enough homework~ This will let you experience the feeling of what we think of other people's meals taking place in Jiangnan University.


Let's take a look at the good time between Level 16 student Li Kun and his good friends at HUI Station. As soon as he entered the door, Xiao Yunjun was surrounded by their enthusiasm. The table is full of ingredients, the hot pot is gurgling, and the aroma fills the whole room.




Really a group of enthusiastic classmates. While they were busy, they did not forget to invite Xiao Yunjun to eat fried chicken. Seeing the scene where they get together, one thinks of the lyrics of "We are a family, a family that loves each other...".


Classmate Li Kun introduced to Xiao Yunjun that he also saw the news of the opening of the HUI station, and happened to want to gather with friends, so he thought of the small party in the station, which can also increase the relationship between each other. Feelings. He also quietly revealed to Xiao Yunjun that now it is very easy to make an online appointment!


The reservation method is as follows:

Station opening hours: 10:00-18:00;

Open 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (not open during exam week)

Address: Next to Taoyuan Apartment, North District (Original train ticket office)


(1) Three appointment time periods are available:

10:00-13:00 & 13:30-16:00 & 16:00-18:00


(2) Make an online appointment at least one day in advance. (If you want to make an appointment on the same day, you can register directly at the Taoyuan Management Station)


(3) You can reserve two consecutive time periods at the same time, and you can also renew the contract, but if there is an appointment in the next time period, the renewal will fail.


(4) To make an appointment, you need to make an appointment at the Jiangnan University Mission Apartment WeChat official account-Jiangnan University Apartment (or scan the QR code below) and reply to the "Post Station" in the background, and fill in the information to make an appointment!


(5)  During the appointment time, if the relevant appointment person has not arrived at the station to register after 30 minutes from the start time, the appointment will be invalid.


In addition, students should pay attention to the following points while using the post:

(1)The station is open for a limited time and is managed by the students themselves and used by appointment. Students should abide by the self-safety management and supervision system of "who uses who registers and who uses who is responsible".


(2) Friends who need to cook, please bring a variety of ingredients and seasonings.


(3) When leaving, please clean the used pots and pans and put them back in place.


In the boundless spring of Jiangnan, why not bring your own ingredients, or pour a cup of mellow tea to leave the fragrance on your cheeks. With the afternoon sun, about three or two friends come to the HUI station to drink tea, chat, read, and party...Listen to a breeze in the blooming place, and find a quiet place in the prosperous place.


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