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The enrollment team went to Nanjing for investigation


Recently, the Dean of the School of International Education, Gong Xiaobin, led the teachers of the International Student Admissions Office to Nantong University, Hohai University, Nanjing Agricultural University, and Nanjing University of Science and Technology to conduct special research on international student recruitment.


The research team mainly conducted in-depth exchanges on the scale of enrollment of international students, various scholarships, key enrollment majors, enrollment channels for self-financed students, enrollment investment funds, and the development of enrollment management project systems.


This survey activity has strengthened the exchanges and cooperation between our school and brother universities in the province and has made it clearer about the direction and goal of enrolling students in China based on the actual situation of our school. In the "post-epidemic" era, more detailed thinking and practice have been made on how to optimize our school's enrollment structure, adjust the proportion of scholarships, and promote the sound and sustainable development of enrollment.


Nantong University Exchange Site


Hohai University Exchange Site


Exchange site of Nanjing Agricultural University


Nanjing University of Science and Technology Exchange Site


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