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Overseas scholars exchange activities


On the morning of March 29, under the careful planning of the North American Alumni Association of Jiangnan University, the Human Resources Office and the Talent Office of the school conducted a unique online career development sharing and exchange activity with overseas scholars and students in North America and Europe. The meeting was chaired by Professor Jiang Jiang from the School of Food Science.


At the meeting, Wu Jianping, president of the North American Alumni Association, introduced the situation of the alumni association and the purpose of this event. Lu Qin, deputy director of the Human Resources Department, gave a presentation report entitled "Development Opportunities in Jiangnan University", reporting on the domestic talent innovation environment, the development of Jiangnan University and the "14th Five-Year Plan" talent team construction goals, all levels and types The talent project overview, provincial and municipal talent development strategies and policies were introduced and shared at different levels and from multiple angles. After the report, overseas alumni raised relevant questions about the school’s talent introduction policy, personal career development and domestic innovation environment. Lu Qin and Jiang will answer the questions in detail.


Wu Jianping’s overseas alumni affirmed this event, believing it was a candid and pragmatic exchange, and hoped that the school would hold similar events frequently. After the meeting, in order to facilitate the answering of questions, the Human Resources Office and the Human Resources Office established an online communication platform to provide consulting services.


2021 is the first year of the school's“14th Five-Year Plan”, and the“double first-class" construction has entered a new stage. The school takes talent work as a central task, and the human resources department and the talent work office will adopt online and offline simultaneous advancements. Take measures to carry out talent work, and consolidate "talent" and "intelligence" support for school construction.


Sharing the scene of the exchange event


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