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2021 spring semester students return to school



The spring breeze begins to warm, and the students return. In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in Jilin Province, we adhere to the principle of "comprehensive, off-peak, and safe" return to school. Since March 3, our students have returned to school one after another. Xu Caishan, the secretary of the school’s party committee, led a team to conduct on-site inspections and guide students back to school and epidemic prevention and control, and cordially expressed condolences to returning students and front-line staff. Principal Yang Xiaotian presided over a special work meeting on the prevention and control of the epidemic in the spring school, and carefully deployed various preparations for the school start.




In order to do a good job in the spring school, the school further revised and improved the normalization work plan and emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control, and performed well in advance the health status of teachers and students, disinfection of public areas, campus material storage and back-to-school safety education, etc., and paid close attention to the main responsibility, Improve work measures, strict work procedures, and build a safety net for the campus.




When students report back to school, the school strictly enforces the “three passes” of school entrance inspection, registration, and entrance to the apartment. Returning students must submit an online application for returning to school the day before returning to school, submit relevant materials, and then return to school after the college has reviewed and filed for approval. In order to ensure that students enter the school quickly, the school has opened a caring bus and luggage transport vehicle to realize the separation of students and luggage and avoid congestion on site. Set up multiple channels to handle admission procedures, and on the basis of strict compliance with epidemic prevention and control requirements, the procedures are simplified to the greatest extent and work efficiency is improved. All the staff was enthusiastic and attentive, and the students consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control requirements, actively cooperate with the inspection, and report to the scene in an orderly manner.




At present, the school’s first batch of students’ return to school has been successfully completed, and it is expected that all student's return to school will be completed on March 7. After the students return to school, the school will focus on the "first lesson", do detailed student safety education, daily management, funding services, psychological counseling, etc., and continue to do a good job in information scheduling, health monitoring, campus management and control, etc. Effectively implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, and make every effort to ensure the safe and orderly development of various tasks in the new semester.


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