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The school attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff for international student education and adheres to the policy of "going out, inviting in, and learning." More than 10 teachers have been sent to professional schools for study and training. Attach importance to the training and improvement of teachers' professional quality, and improve teachers' ability and level of teaching Chinese as a foreign language through various forms of learning and training. The school currently has 11 full-time teachers for international student education, with a high teaching level and strong professional ability. Hire experts in Chinese teaching at home and abroad to give lectures in the school. Professor Cui Xiliang, President of Beijing Language and Culture University, Professor Shen Wenfan of Jilin University, Professor Yanjun Zhao of Heilongjiang University, Professor Song Yonggui, Dean of the Chinese Department of Daejeon University, and Mr. Ku Ye, president of the Korean Chinese Language Association, have been invited to give lectures at the school.


To formulate teaching plans, syllabus and various teaching management rules and regulations in accordance with the particularity of foreign students' teaching. Control the teaching implementation process, evaluate the teaching quality, compile teaching information in time, conduct macro-management control, inspection and guidance. Establishing and improving teaching management documents and files, and implementing and implementing the school's corresponding rules and regulations, effectively guarantees the smooth progress of teaching.


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