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International Chinese Teacher Scholarship


In order to train qualified overseas Chinese teachers and promote the development of Chinese education in various countries, the Confucius Institute Headquarters continues to establish International Chinese Teacher Scholarships (Confucius Institute Scholarships), hereinafter referred to as scholarships, Confucius Institutes, independent Confucius classrooms, some Chinese test centers, foreign universities Chinese teachers / Chinese schools and departments, relevant foreign Chinese teaching industry organizations, Chinese embassies (consulates), etc. (hereinafter referred to as recommending institutions) can recommend outstanding students and in-service Chinese teachers to Chinese universities (hereinafter referred to as receiving institutions) for study and further study Chinese International Education and related majors.

As one of the host universities, Jilin University welcomes students and teachers from all over the world to apply for scholarships to study in our school.


For details, please refer to the attached " Application Procedures for the 2020 Jilin University International Chinese Teacher Scholarship (Confucius Institute Scholarship)" in Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, and Japanese.

Contact: Li Yue

Electricity   Words : +86-431-85167163

E-mail: yueli@jlu.edu.cn


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