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The existing building area of Jilin University Library is 97629 square meters, which is the search unit of UNESCO. There are Central Hall (Central Campus), Engineering Hall (Nanling Campus), Medical Hall (Xinmin Campus), Earth Science Hall (Chaoyang Campus), Informatics Hall (Nanhu Campus), and Agronomy Hall (Heping Campus). Established a comprehensive document resource system of multiple types and multiple carriers with humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering and technical sciences, medicine, geological sciences and information sciences as the main body, covering the humanities and social sciences, science, engineering, agriculture, medical army, etc. Twelve university subjects. There are more than 5 million copies of various paper books and periodicals, including 400,000 ancient books, and more than 6000 ancient books are rare books. The collections of local chronicles and genealogy, rubbings of gold and stone, and ancient writings are among the best in university libraries. These precious documents, together with the Asian Library and the Manchurian Railway Materials, have become the characteristic collections of the Jilin University Library. Subscribe to 1,268 foreign language periodicals and 4,914 Chinese newspapers. In recent years, the Jilin University Library has paid attention to the construction of digital literature resources. It has purchased 48 kinds of western literature databases including web of science and EI, and 14 kinds of Chinese data such as CNKI.


According to the database, there are 1.2 million e-books such as Chaoxing and Shusheng, and 12 databases including Northeast Asian Studies, Geosciences, Automobiles, and Manchurian Railways have been built. Each library is equipped with a general service desk, a Chinese book borrowing area, a foreign language book borrowing area, an electronic reading room, an ancient book reading area and a self-study room, and other reading spaces with different functions, as well as sufficient borrowing books to meet the daily reading needs of students. Students in school can borrow books at the service counter of each library with an all-in-one card. The book loan and renewal period is one month, and no fees will be charged during this period.


If there are no special circumstances, the opening time is from Monday to Sunday 8:00-16:00 (closed on Wednesday afternoon).


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