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Work Seminar successfully held



Universities "The new era of international student counselor of early heart and Mission" Workshop on 11 January 2020 was successfully held at Jilin University, East Wing Conference Center. A total of 133 international student counselors from 61 universities across the country working in the front line of study abroad education in China and supervisors and leaders of study abroad education in China attended the meeting. This conference was hosted by the Foreign Students Education Management Association of Jilin Province Colleges and Universities and organized by the International Education College of Jilin University.


Li Meihua, Dean of the School of International Education of Jilin University, first gave a welcome speech. Li Meihua thanked the participating universities for their strong support for this seminar. She said that my country’s education for studying abroad in China has entered a stage of development with improved quality and efficiency; General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in a speech at the National Education Conference that we must build The education of studying abroad in China is more internationally competitive; the Ministry of Education clearly stated that the education of studying abroad in China must adhere to the quality first, strictly regulate the management, and take the path of connotative development. To achieve the connotative development of the education of studying in China, the three teams of teachers, management staff, and international student counselors are very important and strive to create a nationwide professional, international, and politically high-level international student counseling The team is very necessary. The purpose of this seminar is to promote exchanges among colleagues in various universities, learn from each other's strengths, and gain experience from sharing so that universities can work together on the road of rapid development of overseas education in China.




Ding Chuan, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Chinese Language Teaching and Training Center (Jilin Hanban), delivered a speech on behalf of the Jilin Provincial Department of Education. In his speech, Ding Chuan stated that after the Party Central Committee just held the "Don’t forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission" theme education summary meeting, representatives of various universities gathered on the campus of Jilin University to discuss and exchange the work of international student counselors in universities, and strengthen the guidance of international students in universities. The original intention of the staff, keeping in mind the mission of the times, is a concrete manifestation of the truth-seeking and pragmatism of the educators who come to China to study in China. The continuous development of education in China is inseparable from a good era, good policies, good trends, and good research opportunities. I hope that through today's exchanges and discussions, everyone will deepen their friendship, be inspired and harvested in the exchanges and discussions, and make suggestions and suggestions for the common cause together, contribute wisdom, and exchange valuable experiences.




Professor Wang Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Dean of the School of Clinical Medicine of Jilin University, and Professor Sun Xingjie, Deputy Dean of the School of Public Diplomacy, respectively titled "Stick to the position of counselor and build a professional and sophisticated management team" and "A Hundred Years of Changes and China's Diplomacy of Great Powers", To make a keynote report for the participants. Wang Xiaorong has been engaged in the management of undergraduates in universities for 30 years and has very rich experience. From the connotation and evolution of the work of college counselors, the daily job responsibilities and requirements of counselors, and other aspects, she combined her experience in student work to share experience for everyone. Sun Xingjie is based on academic research, from the perspective of China’s diplomatic environment and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “the world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century”, combined with his own work experience and the experience of guiding international students, he elaborated on the century The understanding of unprecedented changes and the strategic significance of studying in China. It aroused the sympathy of the delegates and thoughts on the role of international student counselors.


In the topic speech session, a total of 21 representatives from 17 universities and colleges discussed "the connotative development of education in China and the mission of international student counselors" and "the job responsibilities, assessment standards and evaluation system of international student counselors". The four topics of "Construction" "International Student Counselor and General Education Work", "Emergency Handling and the Role of International Student Counselor" were made to share the experience and experience at work.




The speakers included the national policies and guidelines, the overall goals of education in China, the trend of education in China, the importance and necessity of the international student counselor team, the ratio of international student counselors in various universities and their job responsibilities, and the assessment system. Interpretation of relevant policies in terms of emergency handling, etc., and exchange and share experiences based on the actual management of studying abroad in China.




Mr. Han Hongrui of Shanghai JiaoTong University started with a survey of the ratio, age distribution, working hours, and wages of international student counselors in various universities in Shanghai, and analyzed the problems and puzzles of the international student counselors team in the development, such as the confusion of professional roles. , Competency dilemma and insufficient self-efficacy, professional identity dilemma, and blurred professional boundaries. It is hoped that starting from theoretical research, most of the projects concerning international student counselors and international students will be established, to provide professional and professional development opportunities for international student counselors.


Teacher Liu Shulin of Tongji University shared from the four aspects of Tongji University's international student counselor job responsibilities and assessment standards, the background of the formulation of international student counselors, the ratio of international student counselors, the specific job responsibilities and evaluation standards of international student counselors, and current problems.

After introducing the overall situation and data of the school's international students, Mr. Huang Chao of Huazhong University of Science and Technology shared the school’s work experience and experience in putting international student counselors in the department management and participating in the overall counselor assessment.


Teacher Guan Tianyue of Jilin University combined the national policy documents and the evaluation index system for undergraduate counselors of Jilin University to share the content of the convergence and differentiation indicators in the development of the evaluation index system for international students counselors. Convergence is mainly reflected in the evaluation The framework system is convergent, and each evaluation index is different according to the actual work content of the international student counselor. It is inspiring for other university representatives present to formulate assessment standards for international student counselors.


Teacher Mao Junhan from Chongqing University shared the necessity and importance of general education for international students from the perspectives of ideological education, moral education, legal education, safety education, national conditions education, and mental health education.


Teacher Wang Jin from Beijing Forestry University summarized the three attribution models of current international student counselors, namely the integrated management model of the International College ( or the International Education College), the management model of multiple departments, and the management model of a single functional department, and analyzed them separately The advantages and disadvantages of different modes.


Under the new situation of studying abroad in China since Mr. Yang Kun from Southwest University, the plight and the way out of international student counselors are considered from the perspective of thinking, discussing the new era from the three perspectives of implementing national policies, grasping the management standards of international student convergence and the role of international student counselors Understand the original intention and mission of international student counselors.




In the summary of the conference, Li Meihua thanked each speaker for their meticulous preparation and wonderful speech. She pointed out that through 10 hours of speech and discussion, I believe that the participants can be inspired and rewarded. The education of studying in China is inseparable from a team of excellent international student counselors. It is hoped that through this seminar, international student counselors from various universities can provide suggestions for team building, and use this seminar as an opportunity to strengthen communication and information Sharing and special research to jointly promote the connotative development of the education of overseas students in China.


After the meeting, the participants expressed that the results of this international student counselor work seminar were rich and fruitful, and they hoped that the work seminar can be normalized and fixed in the future, and it will be built for international student counselors in domestic colleges and universities. A good platform for communication.


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