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Watch the East Pole and gather all wisdom. Jiamusi University is located in Jiamusi, a city with the best ecological environment and the best ecological environment in China, where the first place to welcome the sun rises. Jiamusi city, Heilongjiang Province is the regional center, the liberation in 1947, when it was co-Jiang Province (Zhangwentian first secretary) provincial capital, is the rear of the liberation war, so as the "small northeast Yan'an"; four city south Fengshan, with the Songhua River in the north, has excellent natural ecology and is known as the "China East Pole" and "The First City in the East". Jiamusi has convenient transportation, with flights connecting major domestic cities. It is the intersection of Ha-Jia, Mu-Jia and Jia-He high-speed railways, and is a bridgehead and major channel for cooperation with Russia.


The school was founded in 1947 and was approved by the former State Education Commission in 1995. It was formed by the merger of Jiamusi Medical College, Jiamusi Institute of Technology, Jiamusi Teachers College and the former Jiamusi University (city affiliate); after 2000 , Jiamusi Grain Workers Secondary Professional School , Fujin Normal School, and Heilongjiang Provincial College of Technology have been merged.


Rich accumulation, the cradle of talents. The school is a provincial high-level university that Heilongjiang Province will focus on. It is the only comprehensive university in Heilongjiang in the true sense (with more than 70 years of medical education and a doctor of medicine program). It is one of the “100 National Universities” during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. The basic capacity building project for universities in the central and western regions supports universities".


The school has 24 colleges and 1 medical department, and currently has more than 3,800 faculty members ( including 3 affiliated hospitals ), of which more than 1,500 have senior professional titles; 3 members of the Higher Education Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, 9 provincial-level members Famous teaching teachers, 2 provincial-level outstanding graduate tutor teams, 7 provincial university science and technology innovation teams; a group of high-level talents such as academicians of shared "two institutes", Changjiang scholars and Longjiang scholars.


The school currently has more than 22,000 full-time undergraduates from 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country, nearly 2,000 Ph.D and postgraduates, nearly 300 international students, and more than 16,000 continuing education students.


Complete disciplines and coordinated development. School Disciplines covered 11 major disciplines of literature, science, engineering, medicine, economics, education, law, history, management, agriculture, art and so on; 2 doctorate existing basic medicine, materials science and engineering Authorized first-level disciplines, 14 first-level disciplines for master's degree authorization, 1 second-level discipline for master's degree authorization, 9 master's professional degree authorization points, 2 post-doctoral research mobile stations and 3 post-doctoral scientific research workstations; there is a "new biomedical oral cavity" "Implant and supporting equipment research and development" provincial "head goose" team and "Northern medicine and functional food" provincial "double first-class" characteristic discipline.


The school has 3 national-level characteristic majors of stomatology, material molding and control engineering, and pharmaceutical engineering , 14 provincial-level first-class undergraduate majors, and 1 characteristic application-oriented undergraduate demonstration professional cluster; there are 2 national-level first-class undergraduate courses and 18 Provincial first-class undergraduate courses. The school is the vice chairman unit of the Heilongjiang Provincial Higher Education Quality Curriculum Alliance, and has joined the East-West Curriculum Alliance of China and the National UOOC Alliance; it was approved as the first batch of Heilongjiang Province deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration universities and the first batch of "shared university innovation and entrepreneurship incubation platforms".


Pay attention to application and strengthen the school through scientific research. Schools adhere to aim at the forefront, local service, presided over the national "973", "863" project, the National Natural Science Foundation, Social Science Foundation, the National Science and Technology Support Program, Wei Jian Commission, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission There are more than 560 national, provincial and ministerial projects such as projects; more than 170 national invention patents have been obtained in the research fields of wear-resistant materials, drug research and development, and agricultural machinery engineering; the university science and technology park established by the school is in business incubation, teacher and student entrepreneurship, It played an important role in serving local areas.


The school has 4 provincial key laboratories, 3 provincial key laboratories of colleges and universities, and 1 provincial colleges and universities jointly established research and development center; it has been approved as the Engineering Research Center for Metal Wear-Resistant Materials and Surface Technology of the Ministry of Education. The school’s research on the Hezhe ethnic group and ethnic groups with a small population, and the prevention and control of adolescents’ myopia have carried out earlier and fruitful results; the school is now the head unit of the comprehensive university medical education research group of the Medical Education Professional Committee of the Higher Education Association. The school currently has three academic journals, which are "Journal of Social Science of Jiamusi University", "Journal of Natural Science of Jiamusi University", and "Heilongjiang Medical Science". Among them, "Journal of Social Science of Jiamusi University" has been rated as a national category A journal.


Collaboration between medical education and education. The school has three affiliated hospitals and school hospitals (community health service centers), and has started the construction of a high-level medical experiment center; the first affiliated hospital is a tertiary first-class comprehensive hospital and a regional medical center; the second affiliated hospital is Heilongjiang The province’s first tertiary grade A dental specialist hospital is the largest oral diagnosis and treatment center in Heilongjiang Province; the third affiliated hospital is China’s first specialized institution engaged in cerebral palsy prevention, rehabilitation and research, and the country’s first rehabilitation medicine The hospital is the chairman unit of two national children's rehabilitation academic groups. It is the Children's Cerebral Palsy Prevention, Treatment and Education Center of Heilongjiang Province. It was once awarded the "National Advanced Collective for Disabled Assistance".


The conditions are good and the facilities are complete. The school has advanced teaching equipment and a modern curriculum platform; the school has a modern concert hall and has started the construction of a high-level university student cultural and sports center; it has tennis sports venues such as clay and hard courts that meet the standards of the international "four major events". There are "ice and snow" sports venues such as ice hockey and speed skating, and various standardized sports facilities such as a comprehensive gymnasium, a standard swimming pool, and a track and field stadium. The school campus network is fully covered; it has a modern digital library with abundant paper and electronic books and literature resources.


Open schools and deepen exchanges. The school has established friendly cooperative relations with 48 universities in 13 countries and regions including Russia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and Italy. As an institution entrusted by the Chinese Government Scholarship Program for Studying in China, there are international students from 34 countries studying in the school. The school has joined the Sino-Russian Medical University Alliance and is a training base for the Ministry of Education to study in Russia; the only authorized IELTS institution (training base) in the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province is located in our school.


Educate talents and serve the society. Extensive school teacher, teachers emerged a large number of experts and scholars in special allowance of the State Council, national model teachers, outstanding teachers; the cumulative training more than 400,000 graduates distributed on all fronts; 50 good throughout the country The University Alumni Association has played an important role in contacting alumni and helping the alma mater! The school insists on being based on the "Three Rivers", serving Longjiang, facing the whole country, and continuing to make great contributions to the comprehensive revitalization and all-round revitalization of the Northeast!


Don't forget the original intention, forge ahead. The school is guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, always adheres to the direction of socialist education, fully implements the party's educational policy, adheres to the school motto of “bearing morals, cultivating learning, advocating practice”, and carrying forward “rooted borders, fertile soil, and practice” The "three roots" spirit of educating people with solid roots , adhere to the morality and cultivation of people, adhere to the student center, adhere to the demand-oriented, adhere to the characteristics of the school, and follow the path of connotative development, in order to build the school into a training base for advanced applied talents in the new era. Strive to create a "first-class domestic university of the same kind and a local comprehensive teaching and research university with a certain influence in Northeast Asia"!


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