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School conducts centralized nucleic acid testing



According to the needs of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic at this stage, further implement the spirit of the relevant documents of the superiors, and do a good job in ensuring the safety of key populations such as winter vacation students. On the morning of January 16, Jiamusi University conducted a comprehensive survey of international students and their families. Member nucleic acid testing. Zhu Yuzhu, member of the Standing Committee of the school party committee, vice president, and executive deputy leader of the school’s epidemic prevention and control leading group, and the main leaders of the office and the International Education College went to the site to inspect the centralized nucleic acid detection work and the apartment epidemic prevention.




In accordance with the requirements of the school’s epidemic prevention and control leadership group, the centralized nucleic acid test site is located on the first floor of the International Student Apartment in District C. The school office, the International Education College’s International Education Office and the Apartment Management Center work together to cooperate with Jiamusi, who is responsible for centralized nucleic acid testing The close cooperation of the Second Affiliated Medical College of the University has ensured the smooth completion of nucleic acid testing. Sampling sites strictly follow the epidemic prevention requirements, maintain intervals, test teachers and students obey the arrangements, obey instructions, and actively cooperate with medical staff, which greatly improves the detection efficiency, and the entire detection and sampling process is fast, safe, and orderly.




Zhu Yuzhu asked in detail about the situation of international students on campus and the implementation of prevention and control measures such as the management system and sanitation and disinfection of the foreign student apartment during the winter vacation. Zhu Yuzhu emphasized that it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the provincial party committee and the provincial government and the requirements of the school, improve the station, further strictly manage, carry out temperature monitoring and sanitation according to regulations, and prohibit the purchase of unidentified sources without "three certificates and one code". Cold-chain foods ensure campus safety and the health of teachers and students, and establish a strict line of defense for school epidemic prevention and control.


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