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International students donated masks to school



Recently, the instructor of the International Education College received a "mysterious" Indian package, which was originally an epidemic prevention material sent to our school by the 2014 MBBS pre-graduation international students and some parents of the students.


After the outbreak, domestic anti-epidemic supplies were in short supply. After returning to China, many international students have been concerned about the school, contacting counselors many times and asking about the situation in China, and always caring about the health of school teachers and students. After learning about the scarcity of medical supplies such as masks in China, the students wanted to do their best for the school. 13 international students including SREEKUMAR SREEJIN, a 2014 MBBS major student, and some of their parents spontaneously donated money to purchase 1,200 masks, 500 pairs of medical rubber gloves, 300 medical surgical hats, 50 bottles of hand sanitizer and other anti-epidemic materials in India. However, during the epidemic, these materials finally arrived after more than a month due to long distances, customs inspections, and logistics obstruction.


Although this "gift" is light, it carries the love of international students for China, schools, teachers and international students! When the counselor teacher expressed gratitude for their donation behavior on behalf of individuals and the school, SREEKUMAR SREEJIN said a sentence that moved the teacher: "Oh my god, we are same people, hot red blooded human beings , Don't thanks to us...we are your loving students" (Oh, my God, we are both passionate people. Don't say thank you, we are your loving students.)


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