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International Education organizes dormitory safety inspection


In order to effectively implement the special rectification plan for safety production of Jiamusi University and further promote the prevention and control of safety risks and hidden dangers of our school, the supervisor of the School of International Education led all the counselors of the International Student Affairs Office to carry out a series of targeted dormitory inspection activities for international students. The dormitory has carried out pull-net inspections such as fire safety, epidemic prevention and control, and sanitation inspections. Through many rectifications and inspections, international students have been urged to implement the school's epidemic prevention and control requirements, ensure dormitory hygiene and fire safety, and thoroughly implement the school’s epidemic prevention work deployment and dormitory work requirements.






Through this inspection, various safety management measures in the dormitory have been comprehensively strengthened, various hidden safety hazards have been eliminated, daily safety education for international students and instructor inspections have been strengthened, and the safe use of electricity, sanitary cleaning, disinfection and ventilation in the dormitory during the epidemic period has been strengthened. To ensure that the safety of student dormitories is truly implemented, and to create a safe and hygienic accommodation environment for international students.


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