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Li Chunjiang visited international students in school



On the morning of January 30th, Li Chunjiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the school, went to the international student dormitory to learn about the prevention and control work of the International Education College and the international student dormitory and visited the international students currently staying in the school to redeploy the prevention and control work. Ask again. Relevant party and government leaders of the International Education Institute accompanied the condolences and inspection guidance.


Li Chunjiang expressed his condolences to the teachers who were still sticking to their posts during the festival, and learned more about the foreign students' stay in school and the recent investigations, and asked about the preparation of emergency supplies (medical masks, temperature test guns, etc.) for epidemic prevention and control. He is very concerned about the living conditions of the students under quarantine observation, and he urges that students who are under quarantine observation must be taken care of.




He emphasized that the current spread of the epidemic is fast and the situation is severe. The International Education Institute must attach great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, pay attention to the health of international students and the safety and stability of the campus, and play the pioneering role of Communist Party members, overcome difficulties, and do a good job carefully. In all aspects of the actual prevention and control work, daily body temperature monitoring and separate isolation of international students returning to school in advance are carried out, and foreign students in the country should also be investigated to ensure that no people are missed and full coverage.


In order to prevent and control the epidemic, the leaders of the School of International Education and "retained" cadres actively responded to the call, ended their vacations one after another, returned to work as soon as possible, and devoted themselves to the battle of epidemic prevention and control for international students. The college has established an epidemic prevention and control plan system. Through the promotion of epidemic prevention knowledge to students, each foreign student at the school has established a file and established a card. Since January 25, it has implemented measures such as a counselor on duty system and daily screening of students. The apartment service center of the Logistics Management Office and the school hospital worked closely together to set up an isolation observation area on the first floor of the dormitory to isolate and observe students returning to school from other places, starting a defense war against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.


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