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Jiang Zhimei visits international students



On February 10, when the New Year was approaching, Jiang Zhimei, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President, went to the International Students Dormitory to visit the international students and presented Spring Festival couplets and exquisite New Year gift packages on behalf of the school to express his affectionate care and blessings for the New Year. Relevant personnel from the International Education College, the school hospital, etc. accompanied the visit.


send gift


In the international student dormitory, Jiang Zhimei communicated cordially with the international students, learned more about their study status, asked about their daily life during the vacation, and urged everyone to raise awareness during the epidemic prevention and control period, do scientific protection, timely understand authoritative releases, and pay attention to school epidemic prevention and control They are encouraged to believe in the Chinese government's confidence and determination to win the battle against the epidemic, arrange study and rest time, strengthen physical exercise, develop a healthy lifestyle, and prepare for the start of the new semester.


post new year's scrolls


After visit, the teachers and students also posted blessings and hung spring couplets to celebrate the Chinese New Year together.


group photo


The international students expressed their gratitude to the school for the Spring Festival gift package, the college's heartwarming arrangements, and the instructors and teachers for their dedication and care. They deeply felt that the university is another home, a warm support, and they have helped to fight the epidemic: Heilongjiang Come on, spring will be better!


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