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    Beijing Transportation Vocational and Technical College is a full-time general higher vocational school organized by the People's Government of Changping District, in charge of the Municipal Education Commission and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college was established in 1984, formerly known as Northern Jiaotong University Changping Branch, and in 1999 was renamed Northern Jiaotong University Higher Vocational and Technical College. In January 2005, with the approval of the Beijing Municipal People's Government, it was independently established as Beijing Transportation Vocational and Technical College. The college focuses on higher vocational education, and also carries out continuing education, skills training and appraisal and other types of education services.

The college covers an area of 305 acres, and has five teaching departments (departments) of Road and Bridge Department, Automobile Department, Management Department, Rail Transit Department and Basic Department. Four characteristic professional groups, such as "Electromechanical", "Urban Service" and "Rail Transit". The college strongly supports the modernization of practical teaching equipment. It now has 8 professional group internship training centers and 31 professional discipline training rooms. It focuses on students' vocational skills training, expands employment competitiveness, and strengthens professional training internships and social practice activities. , Adhere to the "dual-certificate" training method that combines education and professional certificate training to improve the quality of training practical talents.
The college currently has 22% of full-time teachers with senior professional titles, 3 city-level outstanding teachers, 2 Beijing famous teaching teachers, 14 Beijing outstanding young backbone teachers, 3 Beijing youth talent training plan, city-level outstanding teaching 1 team. Among the full-time teachers in the college, 59% of them have double-qualified teachers with first-line production and practical experience.
The college adheres to the school positioning of "based in Changping, facing Beijing, serving regional economic development and transportation industry", and has delivered a large number of high-quality technical and technical talents for the capital's regional economic and social development. The college continues to increase school-enterprise cooperation, and has established cooperative relations with many large enterprises such as Beijing Metro Operation Company, China Resources Land, Beijing Hyundai, Sany Heavy Industry and so on, and set up "order classes". Over the past few years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%, and the employment rate of key majors has reached 100%, achieving a win-win situation for the college, students, enterprises and society.
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