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JXNU held a donation ceremony

April 27 morning, Lee Il-Hwa alumni donation ceremony held at the school in knowing and second-floor lecture hall, to the Data Group Co., Ltd. Chairman, Institute of Politics and Law 2000 Alumni Lee Il-Hwa, president Mei Guoping, vice president Kunio items, party committee members, Vice President Zhou Lisheng attended the ceremony. The heads of the Party Committee (President ) Office, Alumni Work Office, Academic Affairs Office, Personnel Office, Finance Office, Audit Office, Conservatory of Music and other related units, and nearly 80 representatives of teachers and students of the Conservatory attended. The ceremony was presided over by Zhou Lisheng.




Mei Guoping signed a donation agreement with Li Yihua on behalf of the school. The donated 4 million yuan will be used to support the team building and development of the Symphony Orchestra of the School of Music of our school, and the establishment of the Zhongzhi Scholarship in the School of Music of our school.




Xiang Guoxiong delivered a speech on behalf of the school, expressing his gratitude to Li Yihua and his alumni for their long-term care and support for their alma mater. He said that in the new stage of high-quality development of higher education, colleges and universities need to enhance their fund-raising capabilities. While focusing on cultivating students’ alma mater feelings and a sense of gratitude, the school will continue to enhance its teaching, scientific research capabilities, and its ability to serve society and alumni. In-depth cooperation with alumni and society, support the progress of alumni's career, serve the local economic and social development, form a community of alma mater, alumni, and social development, and realize mutual promotion and common progress.


Li Yihua said that his alma mater is a place where he can grow and become talented. It is a great honor to contribute to the development of his alma mater. He hopes to take the hands of his alma mater to further promote the development of campus art education and contribute to the art education of his alma mater and universities in our province.


It is reported that this is the second donation acceptance agreement signed by the school in April. Two weeks ago, the school and Qingyunpu District signed an agreement to accept its 11 million yuan donation.




Li Yihua, a 2000 -level lawyer class student of the School of Political Science and Law of our school, donated 3 million yuan in 2019 to support the school's campus culture construction. The current chairman of Zhongzhi Data Group Co., Ltd. Has been "decryption scheduling method, device-readable storage medium, and computer equipment" and other dozens of patents, presided responsible Jiangxi animation and game industry platform in July 2018 was selected as the State Ministry of Industry, "2018 New information consumption demonstration project", Zhongzhi Machine Learning and Big Data Engineering Research Center was recognized as the "Jiangxi Provincial Engineering Research Center" by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission in early 2019. It has achieved research and development projects such as incomplete information computer games, intelligent medical imaging assisted diagnosis, and sustainable flying drones. Significant progress, reaching the leading domestic level; the company has accumulated more than 300 intellectual property rights in the fields of mass services, distributed networks, and machine learning.

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