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Accommodation registration

Welcome to Jiangxi Normal University, please register your accommodation first. The dormitory for international students is in Unit 2, Building 2, Turnover Room. If you have booked an international student dormitory on campus, please inform the dormitory administrator and show your passport, admission notice andJW202Form, fill in the registration form, and receive the key. Please keep the deposit receipt and payment invoice. If you are not a scholarship student who is exempt from accommodation fees, you should also pay the room fee (double room 5000 yuan/Academic year, 10,000 yuan for a single room/school year).

Please remember your room number, in order to make you familiar with the campus and surrounding environment as soon as possible, please see the campus map (see appendix1), and look at the following locations on the spot according to the instructions on the map: the school gate (gate, back door, side entrance, etc.), canteen, supermarket, several banks, post office, library, stadium, etc. in the school. In order to let you know what to do before class as soon as possible, please check the schedule.

It is recommended that you learn some common Chinese first so as to adapt to life here as soon as possible.




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