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Foreign students won prizes in Chinese contest

On December 15, the finals of the 8th Jiangxi Chinese Language Contest for Foreign Students came to an end at the Jiaoqiao campus of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. This competition is sponsored by the Provincial Department of Education and undertaken by Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics and Jiangxi Educational Television Station. Based on the preliminary and semi-final online video games, a total of 5 international students from four universities in the province competed for the first and second prizes. Guo Jiezhong, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Education Working Committee and Director of the Education Department, Wang Jianghua, Deputy Director, and relevant comrades from various universities attended the competition.




Our school's Madagascar student Qiao Anjan, with his fluent Chinese expression ability and superb music performance and dubbing skills, passed five stages and beat six generals, and finally won the first prize, and Song Yi won the third prize. Our school won the best organization award.


The Jiangxi Chinese Contest for Foreign Students has been held for eight sessions, and contestants from our school have won the first prize in the contest seven times.

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