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Daily meal

1. Where to eat?

Go to the student canteen for dinner. The school has the first canteen, the second canteen, the third canteen (Changshengyuan), and the fourth canteen. Four student canteens.


2. How to eat?

School canteens use campus cards for meals, and canteens can buy temporary meal cards and meal card deposits.10 Yuan, the deposit can be refunded when the card is returned.


3. How to apply for a campus card, how to recharge, how to consume?

When the freshman opens the journal, he/she goes to the third building of the student dormitory to apply for a temporary campus card. The cost of each card is15 yuan. You can go to the second floor of Changsheng Garden and the student dormitory 3 Building, student dormitory15 Recharge at the campus card settlement center on the west side of the building. You can use your campus card to pay for meals in the school cafeteria, and you can also pay in the school supermarket.

After enrollment, students with academic qualifications will be uniformly assigned their student numbers by the Office of Education International and Cooperation and Study Abroad, and then they will be processed in the campus card center. The cost of each card is 15 Yuan, each person submits a one-inch photo.


4. What should I do if my campus card is lost?

Report the loss to the campus card management center with a valid personal certificate and apply for a new card.



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