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Excellent results of international students

On November 13, 2019, the 7th Jiangxi Chinese Language Contest, hosted by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education, hosted by Nanchang Hangkong University and Jiangxi Education Television, and co-organized by the Jiangxi Education International Cooperation Center, came to a successful conclusion at Nanchang Hangkong University.




The competition to "Jiangxi beautiful, beautiful world" as the theme, there were from Jiangxi Normal University, 19 universities of Nanchang University, the Jiangxi University of Finance and other 55 contestants, 10 after two months of preliminaries, semi-finals, eight colleges and universities The famous players came to the fore and successfully advanced to the finals.




After fierce competition in the four links of "Beauty of Vigor" talent show, "Beauty of Ecology" story, "Beauty of Abundance" knowledge session, and "Beauty of Humanities" reading session, our school's Malagasy contestants Samminirina DINATAHINA PRINCE (Lin Xia), ANDRIAMAHERIARISOA ARNAUD EMMANUEL (Yang Kunmo) won the first and second prizes of this competition with its excellent stage performance and excellent Chinese ability. Our school won the best organization award.




The Chinese Contest not only spreads the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, but also promotes the interest of international students in Jiangxi culture and stimulates the enthusiasm of foreign students to "learn Chinese well, love China, and love Jiangxi".



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