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Leaders lead a team to inspect the job market

To resolutely implement the "Six Stability" and "Six Guarantees" decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the 2021 graduates of our school will have more full and higher quality employment. From April 21st to 23rd, Chen Ying, a member of the school’s party committee and vice president, led the heads of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and the School of Computer Information Engineering to Zhuhai, Foshan, and other places to investigate the job market, visit alumni, and learn about previous graduates Work status and employer satisfaction, and further expand the job market.




At Guangdong Vocational College of Science and Technology, Chen Yiwang and his entourage discussed with some Guangdong Zhuhai Alumni Association alumni. At the symposium, he introduced to the alumni the school’s various work achievements in recent years. On behalf of the school, he thanked the alumni for their long-term support for the development of the school, especially the 80th-anniversary celebration. The Guangdong Alumni Association actively participated in the celebration of the school. A lot of work has been done. He said that talent training is the central task of the school. The school always puts morality and cultivation of talents and enhances the quality of talent training in the first place. Student employment is the most direct reflection of the quality of talent training. He hopes that the majority of alumni will continue to actively feedback the school in the new era and organize groups to recruit talents to help the school's development.


Luo Sheng, the head of the Guangdong Alumni Association, introduced the current situation of the alumni association. He said that he is extremely proud of being a student of the Normal University, and will uphold the fine traditions of the Normal University in future work, always pay attention to the development of his alma mater and make meticulous contributions Power.


In Zhuhai Qinglong Chemical Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Tianbao Property Management Co., Ltd., the research team visited the company's achievements exhibition, watched promotional videos, and held talks with the company's principals. The two parties discussed and reached a cooperation consensus on talent training, intern selection, employment base negotiation, school-enterprise cooperation, etc.


In Shunde, the research team conducted surveys and interviews with the heads of the Shunde Human Resources Association and related schools to fully understand the growth and development of alumni.


It is reported that the school recruiting department combines professional settings, actively plans, takes responsibility, actively expands market-oriented positions, explores the establishment of new job development mechanisms, expands employment space in emerging fields, continues to promote entrepreneurship to drive employment, and promotes employment internships. Adopt the working idea of " Going out actively, and invite high-quality in ", establish a normalization mechanism for opening up the job market at the school and college levels, and form a stable new model of "base + employment", effectively helping our school graduates to be more adequate and with higher quality Employment.


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