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Cultural Festival opens

On the afternoon of April 20th, the opening ceremony of the 22nd Psychological Culture Festival of our school and the opening ceremony of the first psychological quality development class was held in the Youth Art Plaza of Yaohu Campus. Huang Enhua, secretary of the school’s party committee, attended the launch ceremony. A total of more than 400 people, heads of member units of the academic work committee, deputy secretaries of the party committees of the colleges, and representatives of teachers and students attended the launching ceremony.




Huang Enhua announced the official opening of the 22nd Psychological Culture Festival of our school and delivered a speech. Huang Enhua pointed out that hosting the Psychological Culture Festival is a great event, a blessing, and a good thing. Mental health is related to the life of each of us. It is the foundation of the "big man in the country", the foundation of the morality of the university, and a part of the construction of our school. A big event. He emphasized that General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the sixteen-character motto for realizing the ideal of youth: diligence, moral cultivation, discernment, solidity, patriotism, inspiration, truth-seeking, and practice. Among them, good moral character is the root, mental cultivation is the source, and the emphasis is on diligence and patriotism; faith and persistence are the souls, and the beauty of the soul is the foundation, and the emphasis is on the cultivation of morality and inspiration; knowledge is the prerequisite, and the cultivation of xinxing is the key, and the emphasis is on the cultivation of morality. Inspirational; good skills are hardware, psychological maturity is software, and the focus is on solidity and practice. We must uphold the "student-oriented" philosophy, work hard to run a socialist university with Chinese characteristics, wholeheartedly shape the noble and beautiful minds of young people, cultivate youth spirit, adhere to youth ideals, stimulate youth vitality, devote themselves to youth struggle, and enable them to grow into The vigorous force of building socialism.




"From now on, improve yourself, help classmates, care about society, and bring love and beauty to the world", psychological liaison student Cao Mingxia led all the teachers and students present to take the "I love me" oath.




After the opening ceremony, the students of our school's first psychological quality development class demonstrated their style at the event site. The students from the School of Physical Education brought an aerobics performance with the theme of "Ignite Youth, Blooming Glory", and the scene was thunderous with applause.






Subsequently, under the leadership of coach Sutro, all student representatives carried out large-scale team-building activities for quality development and successfully challenged the two major projects of power rope loop and passionate beat, and cheers were heard from the audience.




It is reported that this Psychological Culture Festival includes activities such as "Take a Life Lesson Together", the first "Xingtan Xinyu" teacher psychology workshop, campus psychological sitcom contest, psychological micro-film contest, and a large display of college characteristic psychological education activities. , To further improve the psychological quality of our school students, spread the positive energy of mental health, and cultivate a positive and healthy campus "heart" culture.

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