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Jiangxi Normal University is a university jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Jiangxi Province and a basic capacity building project university for universities in the central and western regions. The school integrates ten disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, and art. It is located in a profound historical and cultural heritage and is known as "the natural treasures of wealth, the outstanding people and the spirits ". Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, has a great influence on the political, economic, cultural, and social development of Jiangxi. It has been designated as a key provincial (normal) university for development by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province. The school has two campuses, Yaohu and Qingshanhu, covering an area of more than 3,500 acres, a building area of more than 1.4 million square meters, a collection of more than 3.4 million paper documents, nearly 3.5 million e-books, 259 databases, ancient books and Republican wire-bound book 6 million copies. The You campus is surrounded by a 7- kilometer-long Yao River without a wall, which has outstanding ecological and humanistic characteristics.


1. History

The school originated from Lushan Bailudong Academy, based on the National Chung Cheng University founded in 1940, renamed Nanchang University in 1949, Jiangxi Normal University in 1953, and Jiangxi Normal University in 1983. It has the longest history of undergraduate education in Jiangxi Province. Of ordinary institutions of higher learning. In 2003, Jiangxi Financial Workers University (Jiangxi Banking School) was merged into the reorganization system.


2. School thinking

The school has moved seven times, changed its name six times, and adjusted four times. It has developed the school motto of "Being quiet, thinking, and being upright ", nurturing the excellent school spirit of " Unity, Diligence, Seeking Truth, and Innovation ", forming a " people-oriented", Facing the society " school thinking, " student-oriented, moral first " education thought, " indomitable, hard work " tradition of running a school, " quality school, academic casting school, talented school, distinguished school, Xing school management, school-wing harmony, "the key tasks and" patriotic wing school, democratic and harmonious, pragmatic, open and innovative "spirit Normal.


3. Discipline construction

The school is a doctoral degree-granting unit and the first batch of bachelor’s and master’s degree-granting units in the country. It has ten disciplines such as philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, and art. There are 23 professional colleges, 1 independent college (technical college), and 91 undergraduate majors. Possess 2 ESI global top 1% disciplines (chemistry, materials science), 4 first-class disciplines in Jiangxi Province (Marxist theory, chemistry, psychology, Chinese language, and literature), and 9 first-level doctoral degree authorization points (Marxist theory), Chinese Language and Literature, Chemistry, Psychology, Pedagogy, Chinese History, Mathematics, Geography, Management Science and Engineering), 5 post-doctoral mobiles (work) stations, 31 first-level discipline master degree authorization points, 17 master's major's Degree authorization points, and in-service personnel apply for the right to grant a master's degree with the same academic ability. In the fourth round of subject evaluation, Marxist theory entered Class A subjects, and pedagogy, psychology, Chinese language and literature, mathematics, and chemistry entered Class B subjects.


4. Talent development

Professional school undergraduate enrollment 78, nearly 30,000 full-time undergraduates, doctoral and master more than 5000 people, Adult Higher Education more than 10,000 students; approved National Teaching Achievement Award (Higher Education) Award 2, National Teaching achievement Award (basic Education) first prize, second prize two, the national first-class specialized construction 15, the national professional comprehensive reform pilot project 2, national professional characteristics 6, national practice off-campus students education base construction projects 2, the national Humanities quality education base for a state-level experimental teaching demonstration Center 2, national experimental simulation projects a teaching, a state-level courses, national excellent resource sharing class 2, National quality video open class 1, state-level teaching team 2, Huang Danian nationwide college teaching team one, Jiaoyu Bu million new textbooks 11 kinds; provincial training Excellence Program 7, talent training mode innovation experimental zone 4 , 13 provincial-level first-class professional construction sites , 8 professional comprehensive reform pilot projects , 10 characteristic majors , 25 brand majors , 26 provincial-level quality courses , 25 quality resource sharing courses , and 19 quality online open courses curriculum educating people sharing program 19, bilingual education model curriculum five, seven provincial-level teaching team, the National Education Master degree joint training demonstration base a provincial graduate education innovation base four provincial industry cartel training base 7, provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers in eight. Since 1999, the school has implemented the credit system reform, focusing on cultivating responsibility, innovative spirit, and practical ability, and using the " credit system management, modular curriculum, menu-based training, and open teaching " as the mechanism to focus on training in line with socialist modernization The compound innovative senior professional talents with “ thick professional foundation, wide discipline caliber, high moral quality, and strong practical ability needed for construction. In 2005, he was awarded the “ excellent score in the undergraduate teaching level evaluation of the Ministry of Education, and he has been in the province since 2008. Start enrolling students according to this line.


In recent years, the school has established an educational philosophy centered on " learning ", centered on the goal of cultivating backbone talents in society, and focused on satisfying students' professional, knowledge and ability structure, teachers and their teaching methods, and independent development. The four rational choices made by the students, the " Zhengda University " innovative talent training program was launched in 2012, free education for undergraduate normal students ( 1000 people) has been launched in 2013, the undergraduate, master, and doctoral training mode has been implemented, and the initial employment rate of undergraduates It ranks among the top universities in the province, and the one-time employment rate of graduate students is stable at more than 90%. In 2011, the school’s employment work was successfully ranked among the top 50 universities in the country for graduate employment; in 2012, the school was approved as the first batch of undergraduate education informatization pilot units in the country; undergraduate professional comprehensive evaluation work in ordinary colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province ( 2015- In 2018 ), our school had a total of 66 majors participating in the evaluation, of which 28 majors ranked first, and a total of 57 majors ranked in the top three. Among the majors with 5 or more schools participating in the evaluation, our school has 20 majors ranked first, ranking first in the province in number; 45 majors are ranked in the top three, the proportion is the highest in the province. In 2016, it was approved as the Ministry of Education's National University Practice Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, becoming the first local normal university in the country and the only approved university in Jiangxi Province; in 2017, it was selected as one of the first batches of demonstration universities in the country to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform; in 2017, it was selected as a national university Teacher assessment and evaluation reform model school; In 2018, it was awarded the top 50 universities in the country with typical experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2019, it was selected as a university in the National " Sports Aesthetic Education Infiltration Action Plan " and was approved as a national language promotion base. In 2017, the Ministry of Education's undergraduate teaching work review and evaluation expert group praised the school as a "model university" with historical heritage, cultural sentiment, and prestigious temperament.


5. Scientific research

The school has 1 National Engineering Technology Research Center (National Monosaccharide Chemical Synthesis Engineering Technology Research Center), 1 National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory (National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Molecular Sieve Membrane Materials), and 1 National Freshwater Fish Processing Technology Research and Development Professional Center, 1 National University Science Park, 2 International Science and Technology Cooperation Bases (Inorganic Membrane Materials National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, Network Support Software National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base), 2 National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers, 2 Ministry of Education Key laboratories (Key Laboratory of Poyang Lake Wetland and Watershed of the Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Functional Organic Small Molecules of the Ministry of Education), 1 Key Laboratory of the State Sports General Administration (Key Laboratory of Training Monitoring and Intervention for Aquatic Events), 1 Ministry of Education National and Regional Research Center " Madagascar Research Center " , 1 Ministry of Foreign Affairs National and Regional Research Center " China-Japan-Korea Cooperative Research Center " , 1 National University Counselor Development Research Center, 2 International Science and Technology Cooperation Bases, 1 The key laboratory of the State General Administration of Sports, 1 national science and technology service platform (college student science and technology entrepreneurship practice base), 6 provinces "2011 Collaborative Innovation Center " , 3 provincial colleges and universities high-level innovation platform construction projects ( 1 laboratory and 2 Engineering Research Centers), 10 Provincial Key Laboratories, 4 Provincial Engineering Technology Research Centers, 3 Jiangxi Province Industry-University-Research Cooperation Demonstration and Cultivation Bases, 4 Provincial Engineering Laboratories, 4 Provincial Social Federation Philosophy and Social Sciences Key research bases, 9 provincial key humanities and social science research bases of the Department of Education, 2 key cultural and artistic science research bases of the Provincial Department of Culture, 1 Jiangxi Province Clean Government Culture Research Center, 10 provincial-level software sciences (University Engineering, Experimental Demonstration) Technology Center. Since 2010 , school teachers have successively won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the second prize of National University Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award, the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award, the second prize of National University Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award, and the National Educational Science Outstanding Achievement Award and other important awards; 1 major commissioned project of the Social Science Fund , 4 major bidding projects , 12 key projects; Obtained major international cooperative research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, national "863" plan key projects, major special projects, "973" plan preliminary research More than 100 projects, national international cooperation major special projects, national science and technology support plan projects, etc .; accumulatively received 229 national social science fund projects , 674 national natural science fund projects, major science and technology projects in Jiangxi Province, and major economic and social development in Jiangxi There are more than 30 bidding topics, scientific and technological landing plan projects of the Provincial Department of Education, and major bidding projects (key projects) of the philosophical society research of provincial universities. Since 2012, the total funding for the school's annual scientific research projects has exceeded 100 million yuan.


In the past six years, the number of projects approved by the National Social Science Fund and the National Natural Science Foundation has ranked among the top 10 normal universities in the country. 2016 National Social Science Fund project 41, which major bidding projects, major projects commissioned 3, the total number of project annual project of the National Higher Education ranked the 7th in the National Normal University and the province's colleges and universities are listed first; 2019 75 projects were approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The school has a total of 5 journals, among which 3 journals such as " Journal of Jiangxi Normal University (Natural Science Edition)", "Journal of Jiangxi Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition)" and "Exploring New Psychology" are "National Chinese Core Journals ". Two journals including "Journal of Jiangxi Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition)" and "Exploring New Psychology" are CSSCI source journals.


6. Faculty

The school headquarters has a total of 2673 faculty members (including personnel agents), including 1808 full-time teachers, and 903 PhDs. Among the full-time teachers, the proportion of teachers under the age of 45 is 60.06%; the proportion of teachers with senior professional titles is 57.3%; the proportion of teachers with a master's degree or above is 87.33%.


State-level talents, the school now has 3 academicians (double appointment), National Outstanding Youth Fund winner of 2 people (1 double employed people), national teacher 1 person, 1 person Changjiang Scholar, "New Century talents project "national candidate 5 people, national outstanding contributions of young expert 1 people, the national outstanding professional and technical personnel 1 people, the State Council degree Committee of disciplines 2 people, Jiaoyu Bu" new century excellent talents "was selected by 3 people, Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents Program" 2 people, national model teachers, outstanding teachers, outstanding ideological and political theory course teachers colleges and universities nationwide, the national outstanding educators, national art education advanced individual, national outstanding young teachers in college sports 14 ; Ministry of Public Security police wind wind fifth party and government supervisors one person, a member of the Steering Committee Jiaoyu Bu Teaching college 12 people, members of the National Steering Committee for primary and secondary school physical education one person, Jiaoyu Bu institutions of higher learning in kindergarten, elementary and secondary school teachers teaching guide training The committee has 3 people.


In the provincial outstanding talent, the school currently has a province "double 1000 plan" candidates for 24 people, the provincial university "Jinggangmycin scholar" Professor 9 people, province "Young Scholars Program Jinggangmycin" candidates 15 people, 12 teachers teaching in Jiangxi Province, There are 48 provincial candidates for the "New Century Talent Project ", 37 candidates for the " Ganpo Talent 555 Talent Project " (including 10 flexible introductions), and 11 Jiangxi Province cross-century academic and technical leaders in major disciplines. There are 57 young and middle-aged academic leaders in colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province, 48 young and middle-aged backbone teachers in universities in Jiangxi Province; 22 teachers enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, and 9 teachers enjoying the special allowance of the provincial government. In 2017, the school was selected as the Model School for the Reform of Higher Education Teacher Assessment and Evaluation . In the ranking of the Teacher Teaching Competition (2012-2019 ) issued by the China Higher Education Association, the school ranks 70th in national universities, 11th in normal universities, and similar Normal colleges rank 8th, and Jiangxi province colleges and universities rank 1st.


7. Student competition

Schools focus on classroom interaction through the second and first-class, students expand vigorously promote quality education, is the "Students Quality Development Plan" pilot colleges and universities, the National Youth League school in Normal Universities in the first to get the central group awarded the "National May The honorary title of "Four Red Flag Youth League Committee Pacemaker". The pass rate of students' English Tests Band 4 and 6 and Computer Rank Examination have always been among the top universities in the province, and they have achieved excellent results in national college students' art performances, sports competitions, professional competitions, and scientific and technological activities. Such as the "blue sky" green community has been rated as outstanding community college students, by the World Wide Fund for Nature issued a "Living Lakes Best Conservation Practice Award"; schools submitted "pure vitality responsibility - efforts to foster youth essence. "God Shapes the New Image of Youth" won the first prize of the 8th National University Campus Cultural Construction Outstanding Achievement; the Conservatory of Music choir won the professional group vocal gold medal in the 4th National College Student Art Performance Competition; Yang Wenjun became the first consecutive title in history The Olympic champion of rowing event, Jin Ziwei and her teammates achieved the " zero " breakthrough of China's rowing Olympic gold medal and served as the flag bearer of the Chinese sports delegation at the 16th Asian Games. Classmate Lao Yi won the Asian Games.


The champion of the men's 100- meter final became the first men's 100-meter champion in the history of the Asian Games. In 2011, Shou Minchao won three gold medals at the 26th Universiade, setting Jiangxi Province in the history of the Universiade. Best result. In the 2015-2019 National College Student Disciplinary Competition released by the China Higher Education Association, the school ranks 122nd in the country's universities, 9th in normal universities, and 6th in similar normal universities. The school has always attached great importance to the development of college students’ extracurricular academic and technological activities led by the " Challenge Cup " competition and regards them as an important means for the school’s talent training and an important platform for the development of student quality. In the Fourth National Normal School Students in Normal School skills competition, winning the total number of students listed first in China (tie). The school won 1 special prize, 1 special first prize, 3 first prizes, 19 second and third prizes in the " Challenge Cup " national college students extracurricular academic science and technology competition in 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019. The award, to achieve the " zero " breakthrough of Jiangxi colleges and universities participating in the special prize of the competition. It is the only college in Jiangxi Province to achieve full coverage of the special, first, second, and third prizes of the " Challenge Cup " competition. It successfully ranks among the top 30 in the country. Cup-winning "High School and" Challenge Cup "contest initiated by university qualifications; in 2012, the eighth," "won a gold medal Chinese Collegiate business plan competition, 2 bronze; in 2014, 2016, 2018" Challenge Cup youth create "national university student entrepreneurship competition in access to" business plan competition "Gold an" entrepreneurial practice challenge, "a gold medal," social entrepreneurship competition "a Gold, 11 silver and Bronze, Jiangxi Province is the only achieve" The gold awards of the three main events of " Creating Youth" cover all universities, and the university has won the National University Outstanding Organization Award many times. The school won a total of 1 gold, 8 silver, and 14 bronze in the China " Internet +" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In 2019, it won the " Advanced Collective Award " ( Top 20 in the country) in both the " Main Track " and the " Red Tour Track ", and only 11 colleges and universities nationwide (only 2 normal colleges) won the " Double Material Advanced Collective Award ". Since the five competitions, the school has won the Advanced Collective Award ” of the National Competition three consecutive times (only 14 universities in the country), and it is the only normal university in the country that has won the honor three consecutive times.


8. Teacher education

Teacher education is the tradition and background of the school. The school has now become the cradle of basic education teachers in Jiangxi, the base for the training of backbone teachers, and the engine of basic education reform and development. The school has successively trained more than 350,000 teachers majoring in graduates, and a large number of outstanding alumni and the backbone of basic education have emerged among the graduates of teachers majoring. At present, nearly 50% of special-grade teachers in primary and secondary schools in Jiangxi, more than 60% of provincial-level backbone teachers in primary and secondary schools, and more than 80% of special-grade high school teachers and subject leaders are school graduates.


Normal schools now recruit 19 professional, full-time undergraduate normal students in the school with nearly 10,000 people. In recent years, the school has adhered to the mission of the local normal university, took the training of outstanding people's teachers as its own responsibility, continuously promoted the reform and innovation of teacher education, and continuously demonstrated the advantages and characteristics of teacher education. In 2004, the school implemented the " Red Land Support Teaching Practice Project " and was designated by the Ministry of Education as a pilot university for the implementation of the " Rural Teacher Support Plan " nationwide. In 2010, it was identified by the Ministry of Education as the first batch of institutions in the country to implement the " National Training Program " project. In 2017, it was designated by the Ministry of Education as an institution to " promote the implementation of excellent middle school teacher training ". Approved Jiaoyu Bu "Excellent Teacher Training Program" 2, "National Teacher Education quality resource sharing lessons" 2, national experimental teaching demonstration center of a teacher education, national teacher education students off-campus practice base one, won Comment on 1 outstanding work case of the Ministry of Education's " National Training Program ". In 2018, he won 1 first prize and 2-second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award in the category of basic education. Since 2013, the province took the lead in the implementation of pilot undergraduate students funded Teacher Education, since 2017, first in the province to carry out "Normal Students Yinti Mei went to practice in rural primary schools teaching activities." The school relies on the implementation of the " National Training Plan " and the " Information Technology Application Ability Improvement Project for Primary and Secondary School Teachers", and the development and construction of the " Jiangxi Teachers Network" and " Jiangxi Primary and Secondary School (Kindergarten) Teachers Network Training Workshop " with the most daily visits in the province. Such projects effectively serve and lead the reform of basic education and the professional development of primary and secondary school teachers.


9. Social service

The school insists on seeking support by service and development by contribution. It always takes Jiangxi's economic and social development and education as its mission and gives full play to the role of " talent pool ", " engine " and " source of intelligence " in Jiangxi's scientific development. Since the 1950s, the school has actively supported and helped prepare prefectural and municipal colleges and universities to train teachers for basic education in the province. In recent years, the school has paid attention to the advantages of humanities and social sciences and the unique advantages of music, sports, fine arts, foreign languages and other disciplines in our province to create a platform for Ganpo culture and lead the development of advanced social culture; give full play to traditional basic disciplines and applied disciplines of science and engineering Advantages, a number of scientific and technological innovation and industrialization achievements represented by the " five golden flowers "-" sugar, agent, cloth, membrane, and lake " have been achieved; the school has actively participated in the Jiangxi Science and Technology Revitalization Plan, with a total investment of more than 100 million Yuan’s project of " 1500 tons of gasoline antiknock agent methylcyclopentadiene manganese tricarbonyl " was included in the national high-tech industry development project plan, which realized a major breakthrough in the transformation of school scientific research results into productivity; LED epitaxial material industrialization project Become one of the three major production bases in the country; Jiangxi Xiancai Nanofiber Technology Co., Ltd., founded by academic researchers based on the school’s nanofiber technology, has an annual production base of 200 million square meters of polyimide nanofiber battery separator products in Nanchang High-tech Zone. total investment of 600 million yuan, will be put into the annual output of 60 billion yuan, our school is yet another high-tech scientific research into practical productive forces of the success stories; Professor Fang Zhiyuan eight board CCTV "lecture Room" lecture national history, has named the "Lecture Room", "The most popular speaker" and "the most popular program." University Science Park in 2011 as a national "science and technology college students entrepreneurship training base", in 2012 became the fourth installment of the National Technology Transfer demonstration institutions, 2013 approved the National Teachers Colleges in three National University Science Park. In 2014, it was approved as the " Cultural and Creative Industry Technology Service Platform " of the Torch Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology and was approved as a national-level maker space in 2017. The school actively plays a local economic and social development "think tank" and "think tank" role, think tank construction has made new progress. Regional Development Research Institute and Jiangsu Revitalization Research Institute were selected as the provincial key new think tank pilot construction units; Jiangsu Revitalization Research Institute, Jiangxi Economic Development Research Institute, Social Transformation Research Collaborative Innovation Center, Management Decision Evaluation Research Center, and Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Development Research Center were selected as China Think Tank Index ( CTTI ), the Soviet District Revitalization Research Institute and was selected as CTTI China’s Top 100 Think Tanks, becoming the only institute in Jiangxi Province to enter the China Think Tank ( CTTI ) Top 100 University Think Tanks list, and the only research institute in the country that specializes in the revitalization of old revolutionary areas and Soviet areas Top 100 think tanks for development research.


The school established the think tank's internal journals "Jiangxi Development Research" and "Soviet District Revitalization Forum Policy Special Report", and the advisory serviceability has been significantly enhanced. More than 140 research results of school teachers have been approved more than 210 times by leaders at the provincial and ministerial level and above, of which 4 are by the central leadership and more than 40 by the main leaders of the provincial party committee and government. Research reports in the areas of social governance, local government effectiveness, and poverty alleviation have been approved by party and state leaders, and policy recommendations have been written into government documents many times. Since 2011, the "Report on the Efficiency of Chinese Local Governments" has been published continuously, which has had a wide range of social impacts. Nearly a hundred media including People's Daily, Xinhuanet, Guangming Daily, and Yangguang.com have reported or reprinted the research results many times. Appeared in local government work reports.


10. Global cooperation

The school vigorously develops international exchanges and cooperation. It has established friendly cooperative relations with more than 100 universities and institutions in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, implemented credit mutual recognition and teacher-student exchange programs with 32 universities, and recruited more than 40 countries and regions of the students come to school to learn, and more than 10 domestic and overseas research team and research institutions to build several key laboratories, schools now hosted the Confucius Institute at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar, the Palestinian Al-Quds University and the Confucius Institute, which The Confucius Institute at the University of Antananarivo was rated as a global model Confucius Institute. The school is the host institution for the Chinese Government Scholarship, Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship, and Confucius Institute Scholarship for international students in China.


11. Alumni work

In the past 80 years, the school has cultivated nearly 450,000 outstanding talents of various types. A large number of them have become backbone talents in various industries. At present, nearly half of Jiangxi's primary and secondary school teachers, more than 60% of provincial-level backbone teachers, and more than 80% of The senior high school teachers and subject leaders are graduates of our school. Many outstanding talents have emerged among the school’s alumni. Among them are Shao Hong, vice chairman of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and executive vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Jiu San Society, Wan Shaofen, former secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, and former vice-minister of the Central Propaganda Department and former deputy director of the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television.


Director and former secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee Wang Taihua, member of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, director of the Social and Legal Committee, former executive vice president of the Supreme People's Court, first-level justice Shen Deyong, former director of the State Bureau of Letters and Calls, and party secretary Shu Xiaoqin , Liu Shangyang, former party secretary and vice chairman of the 10th CPPCC Jiangxi Provincial Committee, Zhou Meng, party secretary and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress, Fan Weiping, chairman of the China Federation of Radio and Television Social Organizations and former deputy director of the State Administration of Radio and Television, National Railway Bureau Deputy Director Liu Keqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, Secretary-General of the Provincial Party Committee, and First Secretary of the Working Committee of Provincial Organs Zhao Liping; Vice President of the Central Party History and Documentation Research Institute and Editor-in-Chief of Qiushi Magazine; Chen Yangyong; academicians of the two academies Huang Kezhi, Zeng Qingyuan, Sun Jinsheng, key university presidents Xie Peiji, Liu Zhenqun, Yin Changmin, Pei Xiaoliang, Lin Zengping, Jiang Jianping, well-known pulp and paper expert Chen Jiaxiang, the country's highest publication honor award-Taofen Publishing Award winner Xu Bairong, famous poet Gong Liu, famous military brigade Composer Li Fei, famous calligrapher, the first academician of China National Academy of Painting, Chairman of Chinese Calligraphers Association Shen Peng, representative of the 18th and 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, senior middle school teacher Gong Deling, "Most Beautiful Struggler of New China" ", National Model Teacher Zhi Yueying, Vice Chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission Huang Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Taiping Group Luo Xi, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (Former President and Chief Operating Officer) Liu Jinglun of Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd., World Li Baomin, former chairman of Jiangxi Copper Company, a Fortune 500 company, Li Yihai, chairman and president of Jiangxi Jimin Trust Group, Lu Shiming, chairman of Jiangsu Kunshan Shiming Technology Co., Ltd., a listed company, and Kepei Education Investment Co., Ltd., a Hong Kong listed company Chairman Ye Nianqiao, CEO of Beijing Happy Times Technology Development Co., Ltd., founder of Fun Stage Luo Min, Olympic champions Yang Wenjun and Jin Ziwei, 17th Huabiao Award winner Zhang Pincheng, national-level teaching teacher Lai Daren, etc. The school ranks 83rd among universities in the country in the 2019 China University Alumni Donation Rankings on the Alumni Association. The 2019 China University Social Endowment Rankings rank 75th, and the 2019 China Most Fortune and Creative University Rankings rank at the middle of the list. 75 people.


2020 is the year of the completion of a well-off society in an all-around way and the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan". It is the year of school discipline construction, the year of strengthening the party building, and the 80th anniversary year of the school. At present, the school is earnestly studying and implementing Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, comprehensively and thoroughly implementing the party’s educational policies and various decision-making arrangements, fulfilling the fundamental task of cultivating morality, intelligence, physical education, and labor. The builders and reliable successors are striving to build a nationally first-class high-level normal university with distinctive characteristics, and strive to compose new chapters in the great practice of portraying a new picture of Jiangxi's reform and development in the new era. (The above data is as of May 2020 )


12. School address:

Yaohu Campus:No. 99 Ziyang Avenue, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

Postal Code: 330022

Qingshan Lake Campus: No. 437, Beijing West Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

Postal Code: 330027

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