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1. International Exchange Association:

International Exchange Association was established in2002It was officially registered as a school-level association in 1988 and is affiliated with the International Education Institute. The International Exchange Association has a wealth of resources for foreign teachers and students and provides a good platform for foreign language exchanges for students from various countries. Students who love foreign languages and Chinese can communicate with foreign teachers from various countries. Not only can they understand the cultural background of different countries, but at the same time, they can also improve their foreign language proficiency.


2. Chinese Club:

The Chinese Club was established in2006year10In September, it was affiliated with the International Education Institute. With the increasing number of foreign students coming to our school for further studies, with the purpose of "mutual education, mutual learning, mutual help, and love", it provides a better exchange platform for Chinese and foreign students, promotes cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and greatly enriches Chinese and foreign students The extracurricular life has enhanced the mutual understanding between Chinese and foreign students and helped them build a deep friendship.


3. Madagascar Student Association:

Malagasy students from Jiangxi Normal University independently established the Madagascar Student Association. The Malaysian students play an important role in helping them learn and adapt to China’s study and life as soon as possible by adopting the method of “helping each other and bringing the new through the old”. 


4. Indonesian Student Association:

There are many Indonesian students at Jiangxi Normal University. There is an Indonesian Student Association in Nanchang. Indonesian students from the Normal University are the main members of the Nanchang Indonesian Student Association. Sometimes Indonesian cultural festivals are held in the school.

International students from other countries have also established student associations in other universities in Nanchang; many Chinese students in the Normal University have established many student clubs, and international students can participate in club activities selectively according to their hobbies.

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