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2021 Spring Festival 

On February 4, 2021, the International Education Institute organized a Spring Festival visit. The leaders and teachers of the International Education College and the International Exchange and Cooperation Office went to the international student dormitory and off-campus accommodation to visit and sympathize with more than 40 international students who stayed on campus during the winter vacation.
The leaders and teachers participating in these visits sent meticulously prepared Spring Festival gifts and New Year calendars to the foreign students introduced the cultural connotation of the Chinese New Year’s blessing characters and the Spring Festival couplets, expressed their visits and blessings to the international students, and posted the Spring Festival couplets together with the international students. Fu word. The college leaders also specially visited the students living off-campus, talked cordially with the international students, learned more about their residence, life and study, and urged them to pay attention to the safety of the holiday and spend a peaceful and peaceful Chinese New Year.
In a happy and harmonious atmosphere, the international students said that although they could not return to their home countries to reunite with their families during the epidemic, the care and blessings brought by the school and teachers made them feel warm and happy, and made them truly appreciate China's richness. The strong flavor of the year. 



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