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Yang Hongyan and his party came to KMMC for work exchange

On the morning of March 24th, Yang Hongyan, secretary and dean of the International College of Yunnan Minzu University, and a group of 7 people came to our school to exchange ideas on the work of studying abroad in China. Zhao Yong, Dean of the School of International Education of our school, and heads of various departments participated in the forum.


At the exchange meeting, Zhao Yongna welcomed the delegation of the International College of Yunnan Minzu University and introduced the development history, management system, discipline structure, professional characteristics of our school's study abroad education in China, and the development of our school's quality certification work for studying in China in 2018. Yang Hongyan introduced the development history of the International College of Yunnan Minzu University, its school-running characteristics, and the current challenges in international student enrollment and education. Afterward, the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the quality certification of studying in China and shared their respective practices and experiences in response to the various challenges faced by China's study abroad education in the context of normalized epidemic prevention and control.




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