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Cultivating Programs for Undergraduates

Cultivating Programs for Undergraduates
专业 课程模块 Major in Curriculum Module
材料科学与工程 金属材料工程 Materials Science and Engineering Metallic Materials Engineering
金属压力加工工程 Metallic Pressure Processing Engineering
粉体及粉末冶金工程 Powder Materials and Powder Metallurgy Engineering
无机非金属材料工程 Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering
新能源材料工程 New Energy Materials Engineering
材料成型及控制工程 铸造-焊接工程 Materials Forming and Controlling Engineering Casting & Welding Engineering
模具-表面工程 Molding & Surface Engineering
宝石及材料工艺学   Gemmology and Materials Technology  
功能材料   Functional Materials  


Outstanding Engineers Training Plan for Undergraduates
专业 课程模块 Major in Curriculum Module
材料科学与工程 金属材料工程 Materials Science and Engineering Metallic Materials Engineering
材料成型及控制工程 铸造-焊接工程 Materials Forming and Control Engineering Casting & Welding Engineering


1. Introduction on the Major of Materials Science and Engineering

Major of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) originated from non-ferrous metal alloy and heat treatment in 1962 and metal pressure processing in 1973, which is the earlier one of the traditional advantage majors in KUST. MSE major has already possessed considerable strength in professional education and scientific research and has achieved fruitful results in the past 50 years. It is also a highly competitive faculty, consisting at present of 21 professors, 17 associate professors, and 19 senior engineers. Regarding educational activities, we are devoted to the training of talented students with an international perspective and creative spirit, as well as with a solid theoretical understanding of materials science and outstanding research ability. MSE has become the cradle of high-level scientists and distinguished engineers and successful entrepreneurs.


2. Introduction on the Major of Materials Forming and Controlling Engineering

Materials Forming and Controlling Engineering is an applied fundamental major which focuses on the interrelations among metal and non-mental materials preparation, forming processing technology, control approach for forming processing, and materials structure and characteristics. Its main task is to provide a scientific basis for materials preparation, processing production, forming processing optimization and processing technology, equipment, and the control methods for advanced materials. The main objective is to cultivate talents with advanced research development and engineering application skills in modern advanced material preparation, process equipment, and control system research, technology development, design, equipment, and production management.


3. Introduction on the Major of Gemology and Materials Technology

As the only secondary clinical relying on the material subject in China, Gemology and Materials Technology is a comprehensive major that involves Materials Science, Geology and Mineralogy, Marketing and Management, Market Economics, Art Design, and so on. With the help of the regional advantages of Yunnan jewelry industry, depending on the teaching and research of the material subject, based on the western region and oriented to Southeast Asia, Gemology and Materials Technology give first place to the undergraduate education while making the non-academic education (the certificate training of vocational qualification and jewelry appraiser) subsidiary. In addition, the master's degree has two points in "jewelry materials and crafting" approved by the Education Ministry in 2013.

Recently, eight teachers worked in The Gemology Faculty, including 3 associate professors and 5 lecturers. Moreover, the gemology group has 4 Ph.D., 2 certified gemologists of China (CGC), 1 jewelry appraiser of Fellowship of Gemological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain (FGA), 4 jewelry gemologists of Gemological Institute China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) (GIC).

Gemology and Materials Technology offers a variety of courses and training services of 3 professional directions including gem materials and identification, modern jewelry design and manufacturing technology, management, and marketing of jewelry trade. Currently, there are scientific many equipment for the laboratory, which can not only satisfy the needs of course teaching for identifications of gems, gem processing, crafting, jade modeling, crystal properties, and gemstone optimization but also provide aid for research, artistic creation, technology development, and product development.


4. Introduction on the Major of Functional Materials

As one of the important branches of Materials Science and Engineering, the subject of Functional Materials is to study the relationship between the performance and structure of advanced materials, providing the scientific basis for a variety of high-tech materials research and development. Based on condensed matter physics, material surface and interface, material chemistry, the main research contents are material preparation, material modification, material growth mechanism, and related physical and chemical problems. Mainly divided into the following four aspects: 1. Study on preparation technology and related physical and chemical properties of advanced ceramics, energy materials, and biomaterials; 2. The growth mechanism and related physical/chemical problems of nano optoelectronic materials and thin-film materials; 3. Material surface modification and its related mechanism research; 4. Calculation and design for advanced materials, etc.

Apart from the key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, for rare/noble and non-ferrous metal materials research, the key lab of Yunnan province for novel material preparation and processing, our major possesses 9 doctoral tutors, 15 professors, including 4 academic/technical leading persons, 1 young talent of "Thousands talent plan" and 1 famous teacher in Yunnan.

Up to now, numerous significant research results have been achieved, including several national and provincial/ministerial awards, and over a hundred research papers published in the journals cited by SCI, EI, or ISTP. Particularly, in recent 5 years, the major undertakes over 30 national and provincial/ministerial research projects, including national 863, 973 projects, etc.

The students in this major are mainly taught the fundamental knowledge of the advanced materials and devices, to grasp the methods and the ideas for study, receive strict training on scientific experiments, and to get the ability to industrialize, exploit and organize.

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