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Hold knowledge competition

On April 29, the 2021 funding policy knowledge contest and awards ceremony of Kunming University of Science and Technology was held at the Chenggong campus. There were more than 100 people in charge of student funding work in the Student Affairs Department, staff of the Student Funding Office, and representatives of teachers and students from various colleges. Participate in activities.




This funding policy knowledge contest aims to increase the publicity of student funding policies, comprehensively publicize various student funding policies and funding effects, ensure that the national funding policies are implemented, and create a positive and progressive atmosphere in the school to help students Grow into talent. At the same time, I hope that through the competition, all participating students will deepen their understanding of the national and school funding policies, and explain and publicize the relevant policies and knowledge learned to other students, and work with the country and the school to help students with financial difficulties jobs.



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