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Hold a mental health lecture

By the requirements of party history education and learning, the International College actively carried out practical activities for the masses. To relieve the pressure of teachers and students and pay attention to the mental health of teachers and students, the college organized special lectures and carried out psychological lectures and consultations based on the practice of teachers and students.


On May 6, 2021, in Room 804 of the Student Affairs Center, the general branch of the college hired Zhu Bo, a full-time teacher from the Mental Health Education and Counseling Center of the Student Office, to carry out a special psychology session on "Understanding Pressure and How to Reduce Pressure" for all on-the-job faculty and staff of the International College Health talks. Mr. Zhu Bo explained to everyone how to recognize and analyze stress, and through interaction, shared with everyone how to relax and release stress through body movements. Through teacher Zhu Bo's "down-to-earth" explanation, all the faculty members learned how to cope with stress, which provided a guarantee for good work and life.






In the afternoon of the same day, the General Branch and Youth League Committee of the International College invited Teacher Hu Wenjing from the Student Psychological Counseling Center of Kunming University of Science and Technology to conduct a lecture on mental health among college students in the A102 classroom of the northwest teaching building of the school.






In this mental health lecture, Mr. Hu conducted a layer-by-layer analysis on the theme of "Talking about love-college students' love psychology".


Through humorous and humorous language, situational interaction, and analysis of typical cases, Mr. Hu guided students to establish a correct concept of love. The whole lecture ended in the poem "I Can Live Well Without You".


Mental health is the key to the growth of talents in universities, and having healthy psychology is also the need to adapt to society. Mental health is the guarantee for the all-around development of college students. Healthy psychology can promote college students to better grasp and absorb knowledge, constantly improve themselves, exercise themselves, and grow themselves into all-around successors and builders of socialism.

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