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Carry out Qingming memorial ceremony

To better remember the revolutionary heroes and inherit the red gene, make full use of the resident red resources to carry out party history learning and education, and strengthen the party history and national history education of the teachers and students of the International College. On the afternoon of April 15, the general party branch teacher of the International College of Kunming University of Science and Technology A total of more than 40 students from the party members went to the former site of Southwest Associated University to carry out the "Inheritance of the Red Gene" Qingming Memorial Ceremony.


The representatives of the Party members of the International School of Kunming University of Science and Technology cherished the memory of the revolutionary martyrs at the tombs of the martyrs of the "One Two One" Movement, paid tribute to the martyrs in silence, and recited Wen Yiduo's articles. In the face of the bright flag of the Communist Party of China, all party members carried out the oath of "Inheriting the Will of the Martyrs". The oath was strong and powerful, expressing the firm belief of all party members not to forget their original aspirations and to shoulder their mission bravely. Afterward, under the guidance of the instructor, everyone followed the ruins of the old site and visited the Southwest Associated University Memorial Hall, the "December One" Movement Memorial Column, Southwest Associated University Monument, the original classroom of Southwest Associated University, and the original Kunming Normal University Memorial Column. Learned about the glorious history of the Southwestern Union's masters and students teaching and saving the country during the Anti-Japanese War.


Through reviewing history, remembering revolutionary martyrs, learning, and inheriting the spirit of heroes, this event further strengthened the revolutionary tradition education of party members and strengthened everyone's ideas and beliefs. Carry out party history, new China history, reform and opening history, and socialist development history education among teachers and student party members to better assist the school's ideological and political work, and educate and guide the majority of young students to love the party, the country, and socialism. From the memory of the martyrs, the teachers and student party members learned and realized that the ancestors took the world and the country as their own responsibility, and carried the noble spirit of seeking prosperity and rejuvenating the country. They all expressed that they would follow the footsteps of their ancestors, learn history, learn history, increase credit, and learn history. , Study history and practice, further strengthen ideals and beliefs, and let the patriotic spirit pass on from generation to generation. Next, internalize the party's spirit in the spirit of action, externalize it in action, and implement it in the promotion of the college's various tasks.



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