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Wang Yong and Li Chunmei won the honorary title

On the morning of April 30th, the Yunnan Province Poverty Alleviation Summary and Commendation Conference was held in the lecture hall of Kunming Haigeng Hall. The Kunming University of Science and Technology Wang Young and Li Chunmei was named advanced individuals for poverty alleviation in Yunnan Province and were commended by the conference.




During the poverty alleviation stage, our school sent a total of 36 village staff members to Puwa Village, Tuchang Village, and Crying Village, Yangchang Town, Xuanwei City to carry out assistance work. Three assistance villages will successfully achieve poverty alleviation in 2020. Take off your hat. Two teachers, Wang Young and Li Chunmei, conscientiously implemented the party’s line, guidelines, and policies during their work in the village, earnestly fulfilled their job responsibilities, loved their jobs, worked hard, worked hard and cared for the masses, and often stayed at their posts during breaks and walked into the village Carrying out assistance work, enthusiastically helping poor people solve practical difficulties and problems, and won unanimous praise from the local party committee and government, poor people, and all the village workers.

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