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Admissions Guide

1. Application process

(1) Who can apply?

1. Good health;

2. For diploma courses, short-term training courses, and vocational training courses, you need to pass the HSK Level 3 test or six months of the Chinese learning experience.

(2) When should I apply?

Our school year starts at the beginning of September each year. The application form needs to be submitted in June;

For international summer school courses, please feel free to contact us.

(3) How to apply?

1. Please contact us to collect the application form or from our university website

(Http:// download;

2. Please send a copy of your application form, passport, education certificate, and health certificate to by email or mail it to us;

3. We will send you the admission notice and "Chinese Visa Application Form" (Form JW202) and other necessary legal documents after you successfully apply;

4. Present the above documents to apply for a study visa (X visa) at the Chinese Embassy.

2. Contact us



Phone: 0086-772-5331065 / 2756089

Address: No. 1, Wenyuan Road, Guantang Avenue, Yufeng District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, China

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