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International students celebrate the Chinese New Year on the spot, fancy feelings of Chinese New Year

Release time: February 28, 2021, o'clock

This year's Spring Festival, the 18 international students in our school actively responded to the call for epidemic prevention and control and chose "Chinese New Year in situ". Let's take a look at how they spend the New Year at school!

"The year is cold and warm, and the caring is strong"


City leaders and college leaders sent holiday "gifts" to representatives of international students staying at the school

On February 8, the twenty-seventh lunar new year, when the college’s hundred acres of peach blossoms bloomed, Lu Liuping, deputy mayor of Liuzhou City, and his entourage came to Liuzhou City Vocational College to visit and sympathize with the international students who stayed at the school for the Spring Festival. Warm New Year wishes and holiday greetings. Xie Mingyang, deputy secretary of the party committee and dean of the college, Liu Hongbo, deputy dean, and Peng Tao, deputy dean attended the condolences activities. A warm sympathy and sympathy made the 510 conference room of the college permeated with joy and celebration of the New Year. The warm condolences and kind words of city leaders and college leaders made the international students staying in the school feel the care of their families for the New Year.

"I learned how to make dumplings!"

On the 30th day of the New Year, college leaders, teachers, and all international students who stayed at the school came to the second canteen for Spring Festival experience activities such as making dumplings and eating New Year’s Eve dinner. At the event site, leaders and teachers taught international students how to make dumplings. While experiencing Chinese culture firsthand, international students also experienced the warmth of the big family of the City Vocational College. International students found the dumpling-making activity very novel and interesting. The scene was full of joy and laughter.

Teachers and students have fun making dumplings together


Look, the dumplings I made!

At the New Year's Eve dinner, international students not only tasted the fruits of their hands-on labor but also felt the strong Chinese New Year atmosphere. International students raised their glasses to express their gratitude to the leaders and teachers for their continuous care and care. Bai Shengda, an international student from Laos, said: "Thank you for taking care of us. I wish you a happy New Year, a smooth job, and a good year of the Ox!"


Celebrate Chinese New Year

"I received the New Year's gift package!"


On the morning of the first day of the New Year, the leaders and teacher representatives of the International Education College distributed a New Year gift package to every international student staying at the school, and wished them a happy new year and academic progress! The students were very moved after getting the gift package. He Mingxiang, an international student from Indonesia, said: "Although I still can't return to my country this Spring Festival, I felt the strong Chinese New Year festive atmosphere and the warmth of home at Liuzhou City Vocational College. Thank you The care and care of the college leaders and teachers made us spend a very warm and unforgettable holiday."

There are currently 299 international students in our school. Affected by the epidemic, most international students cannot return to school in time. During the winter vacation, for all international students in our school to learn more about traditional Chinese culture and spread Chinese excellent traditional culture, the teachers in the Teaching and Research Section of Chinese as a Foreign Language especially teach Chinese culture on the Internet, and every day they send a message to international students on the WeChat public account. This "micro-class" allows international students who are far abroad to use the vacation time to learn more about traditional Chinese culture and to be familiar with Chinese culture, to prepare for returning to China to study after the epidemic!

Our college is the vocational college with the longest history of recruiting foreign students and the largest number of foreign students in Guangxi. In 2017 and 2018, the college has been listed on the "Top 50 International Influential Higher Vocational Colleges in China" list for two consecutive years. It is a Guangxi vocational college. The only higher vocational college to be ranked among the top 50 international influential colleges. In recent years, under the call of "Industrial Willows", our institute has accompanied enterprises to go global and has carried out international cooperation with many local enterprises in Indonesia, Laos, India, Cambodia, Philippines, and other countries to run schools for SAIC-GM-Wuling and Guangxi. Leading companies in Liuzhou such as Automobile Group and Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor have trained more than 400 local high-skilled talents; during the epidemic, our institute took the initiative to connect with companies in Liuzhou to provide online training for employees from 11 overseas automobile manufacturers' outlets in the company, with a training volume of 3,000 Person times. In the future, our institute will continue to expand the internationalization business, improve the internationalization level of vocational education, and continue to help "Liuzhou Intelligent Manufacturing" and "Liuzhou Skills" to the world.


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