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International Education College held an online and offline holiday safety education conference

Release time: January 22, 2021

The winter vacation of 2021 is approaching. To ensure the safety of international students during the winter vacation and allow students to spend a happy, safe, and meaningful vacation, the student management team of the School of International Education recently launched online and offline activities for 17 international students and overseas students who stayed on campus. "2021 Winter Holiday International Student Safety Education Conference".


Deputy Director Ou Songhua and counselors emphasized safety issues at the meeting

In this safety education activity, the counselors first distributed the Chinese and foreign bilingual version of the "2021 Liuzhou City Vocational College International Education College Winter Holiday International Student Safety Notice" to international students and asked everyone to read it carefully.

Subsequently, Ou Songhua, deputy director of the International Education College, combined relevant superior documents and the actual situation of the school, focusing on epidemic prevention and control, traffic safety, and dormitory power consumption, and concentrated on the daily behavior of students on the safety hazards that are easily induced during the winter vacation. And safety education. At the meeting, the counselor, Liang Wei, gave a detailed explanation of the notices one by one, so that international students were familiar with the contents of the notices. And once again emphasized the importance of paying attention to various safety matters, and pointed out that the International Education Institute will organize relevant Spring Festival theme activities for international students during the Spring Festival so that international students can spend a happy, safe, and meaningful holiday. To ensure that international students from different countries can clearly and accurately understand the content of the educational activities, the counselors and foreign affairs officers interpret them in Lao, Indonesian and English throughout the process.


Counselors explain various regulations to international students

This safety education activity was not only carried out offline but also used online platforms such as WeChat to provide safety education to overseas international students. At present, there are 287 overseas students in our school. Because of the serious epidemic situation overseas, the counselors especially emphasized the importance of epidemic prevention and control, so that students can live and study safely and healthily at home. This safety education activity has greatly enhanced the safety awareness of international students, made them realize the importance of safety, and laid a solid foundation for a safe and comfortable winter vacation.


Counselors hold online classes for international students in multiple languages

In addition, for the 2020 freshmen, the counselors also showed them the new look of the campus. Both teachers and students hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible and that they can meet as soon as possible on the beautiful campus.


In the online class meeting, the instructor showed the students the beauty of the campus

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